best underwear for big men

What’s more important to a man’s wardrobe than a functional yet trendy shoes, sneakers, good quality pair of jeans, or basic T-shirt? A comfortable pair of underwear however, buying underwear can be a nightmare for big men. As there are various brands out there offering different cuts, sizes, materials, & fits. The most crucial thing to consider while selecting underwear is to be very honest with yourself because this is the layer that always sit closer to the skin.

So, in the struggle to break the tedium & curse of big men who are forced to wear the same brand of underwear for years, this article is going to share the valuable information concerning the best 5, breathable, comfortable, fashionable & all-round famous branded underwear currently available in the market for bigger waist sizes. 

Why should you trust our reviews?

We are a team of professionals who test and research before writing any review on products we have tested personally. We make sure every product reviewed by us has been tried at least once before being published here. This way, we ensure that what we write about is based on facts rather than opinions. Our goal is not only to help people find the right product but also save them from wasting their time on bad ones. So if you want to buy something without risking your money then read our reviews first!

Why should you trust our reviews?

How Do Big Men Select Underwear that Fits Perfectly in the Legs & Waist?

The ultimate secret that every big man should know while selecting an underwear that fits easily & comfortably is to get something that fits the thighs along with an elastic waistband. Well, the fact is, certain styles & types of underwear fit amazingly certain body types much better than others.

Why is it that Men’s Underwear always Chafes & Rides Up?

The simplest answer is, it is all due to the material. Majority of the men’ underwear is made of cotton because cotton is considered more breathable which has to prevent chafing through amazing cooling ability. But in reality, bamboo and few other natural fabrics are more famous now. It is natural fabric just like cotton however, unlike cotton it is silky smooth and breathes better hence, prevents chafing to a greater extent.

What are the Different Types of Men Underwear?

There are four main cuts and types of the men underwear:

  • Briefs: A highly recommended option for men having larger thighs. Most importantly, briefs are extremely supportive.
  • Boxer-Briefs: A great choice for taller men, arguably, this is the highly versatile style, not as see-through as briefs however, offering the required support with superb thigh-skimming qualities.
  • Boxers: Good for maximum breathability however, they offer little support.
  • Hipsters & Trunks: Recommended for gym-honed or slimmer men.Trunks are the shorter version of boxer-brief & have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years.
best underwear for big men

Product Reviews for the best underwear for big men

In this section, I am going to share the reviews of best picks with essential features including comfort, ease, & relief. If you want to know the difference between big and tall check here.

OCOATTON Men’s Underwear

Being a big guy, I have tried different brands of underwear but without any doubt, this one truly worked for me. The product is very stretchy and made of breathable material. The most noticeable feature is that the waistband is quite thick & will last for various cycles of washing & drying. In fact, the underwear seems to retain its shape quite nicely even after multiple washes. I would say this is the best underwear for guys with big thighs or big stomach. 

Moreover, the product was shipped quickly & I truly appreciate the fact that the sizing guide is just perfect. However, it is advisable to order the right size according to the vendor’s size guide recommendations. Overall, there are highly recommended underwear with added stretch to be extremely comfortable. And regardless of the size, everyone will be capable of finding a perfect fitting brief from this wonderful brand.


  • Good for everyday wear
  • Very comfortable & breathable underwear
  • Offer great support
  • Soft & flexible
  • Reasonable price range


  • Stitching needs improvement

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Underwear  

I recently tried Fruit of the Loom Men’s underwear & so far, I am loving them. I have owned all types of underwear but this is surely the right one. They fit as expected while being comfortable and breathable as they are made of premium quality cotton blend mesh material. Apart from this, the underwear has a nice firm elastic waistband as well that does not squeeze too much. The fit is just right without any riding up, droopiness or constriction.

Beyond that, I personally adore the contemporary color options available, more upbeat and stylish. However, the underwear tends to run a little small but luckily, I ordered the XL & it fits perfectly, even though I usually prefer L. So, always consider this before ordering one. Other than this, the Fruit of the Loom underwear is great at retaining its elasticity and best for hiking, sleeping, or other activities.


  • Forming & flexible
  • Long-lasting
  • Breathable mesh
  • Keep you dry and cool
  • Offer ample support


  • Sizing issue

Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs

They seem to be a premium quality men’s underwear & fit as expected. Some boxer briefs fit nicely but many have thicker seams that can be scratchy & irritating as well. But they have seams that are very soft & super comfortable. Loved the fact that the fabric moves with you & breathes quite well. On the bright side, the boxer briefs are very breathable, comfortable in that one could slip into them easily. They also came in great packaging but quite expensive.

These briefs also stay the same when it comes to size and shape & fit snugly all day long without stretching out. So, all those big guys who are looking for moisture wicking boxer briefs that are also non-constricting with a comfortable waistband, should consider buying Calvin Klein boxer briefs. They are expensive but worth every penny spent.


  • Solid pair of boxer briefs
  • Very versatile
  • Comfortable style
  • Good quality material
  • Very lightweight


  • Soft but a bit snug

Adidas Men’s Underwear

A great option for big men especially for hiking and working out in the extreme weather conditions. The material of this underwear dries fast & won’t stick to the skin. They are breathable, super comfortable, & lightweight. The most appreciable thing is that the underwear has a functional fly feature. The underwear stays in place at the thigh, crotch, & hip. There is no need to adjust the underwear again and again. Moreover, they do not get nasty or stinky after a long day of work.

The elasticity also seems to hold after several washes. However, those who are in the construction settings or doing a lot of kneeling or bending, they might not be enjoying themselves as the underwear ride up big time. On a safe side, do check the pictures and description of the item you want because not every item features a fly.


  • Good fit
  • Give the best value for money
  • Reasonably priced underwear
  • Super lightweight & breathable
  • Comfy & stretchy


  • Inseam short

Hanes Men’s Underwear

The simplest way of describing this product would surely be “good enough”. No doubt this is a solid and very well-made product that met the expectations of many big men. Box briefs are the only right option of undergarment for big men, they are budget-friendly yet high quality. Moreover, the product is not quite as breathable and comfortable as some of the famous underwear out there but it does not need to be. Because as per personal experience, the product has proven to be reasonably durable and comfortable which given the price range, is enough to leave everyone feeling happy about his purchase.

On the downside, it is worth noticing that different pairs of the underwear within the same package seemed to have quite inconsistent fit. Some are very tight but still wearable as they stretch out however, there is a noticeable difference when it comes to comfort level.


  • Fit & look great
  • Waistband holds its shape & elasticity
  • Comfortable soft fabric
  • Flexible & feel good on the skin
  • Long lasting


  • Material and size are not the same across colors

Is There Any Way to Stop Underwear from Pinching and Riding?

There are two ways to stop your underwear from riding up while sitting down. One is by wearing suspenders and another one is by using an anti-pinch belt. Both these methods will help keep your pants from getting too loose around the thighs. But if you don’t like either method, then you may just have to live with them. Otherwise the best solution is to have extra long boxers.

What are the benefits of wearing loose underwear?

This section discusses the benefits of wearing loose underwear, including that it improves blood circulation and prevents the production of excess heat.

Loose underwear is a type of underwear that can be easily put on and taken off. They are often used as a treatment for varicose veins as well as a prevention measure against them.

It also helps to improve blood circulation and prevents the production of excess heat.

What are the benefits of wearing tight underwear?

Some people think wearing tight underwear is uncomfortable and it can cause health problems. But there are some benefits to wearing tight underwear. Tight underwear can help people feel more confident, give them a slimmer waistline, and make them more aware of their posture.

-Wearing tight underwear may help people feel more confident because they are less likely to have the bulge that occurs when someone wears loose-fitting underwear.

-Wearing tight underwear may help people feel slimmer because they are being fully supported by the garment which causes their abdominal muscles to work harder while they wear it.

-The garment will also provide proper support for the lower back, making users more likely to stand up straight.

Does underwear affect your health?

There is no scientific proof that wearing underwear is unhealthy.

However, some people believe that underwear can affect your health in a number of ways such as:

– Preventing skin from breathing and sweat from evaporating under clothing, which can lead to unpleasant odors and skin irritations;

– Preventing the genitals from touching, which could cause chafing;

– Wearing underwear with tight elastic bands could cause varicose veins and hemorrhoids; and

– Restricting bladder or bowel movements.

Which type of underwear would you recommend to someone who is looking for comfort or performance?

Different types of underwear are suitable for different occasions. You should be aware that there are no right or wrong answers to this question. It is all about personal choice.

Some people prefer to wear underwear that is comfortable while others prefer to wear the ones that provide more performance benefits, like keeping them cool or dry. It might be difficult for you to decide which type of underwear you should choose based on these two competing values, but here are some help points:

– If you want something comfortable, then silk underwear might be an option for you.

– If you want something that will keep you dry and cool, then cotton might be better than silk or polyester.