Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance

To tackle the life-threatening situations bravely, a range of concealed carry licenses are being issued and thus, the concealed carry industry has reacted positively by offering different styles and types of handgun carrying options. Concealed carry purses are one of among those options because they are considered good to hide the handguns but, they do not suit everyone such as women who have a small frame or those who love to wear tight-fitting outfits.

Nowadays, ladies who carry handguns always want perfect concealment & direct access to the weapon. Depending upon the dress women are wearing, the best gun holsters could come in handy for the concealed gun carrying. But as mentioned earlier, the real issue arises when women wear those outfits that do not lend themselves to wearing the holsters.

The solution lies in an accessory that is perfect for concealment, & ladies hardly leave home without carrying a handbag or purse. There are several different types of concealed carry products available in the market such as messenger bags, purses, backpacks, and purses. They all have distinct features & offer various possibilities. Well, the most vital feature is the presence of the concealed carry section.

In spite of an improvement in the security and policing making department, the criminal’s joy and satisfaction after doing the crime make it extremely challenging to trust the law enforcement agencies. Women are vulnerable to most illegitimate acts and in order to improve their individual security, they can carry a gun after getting the concealed carry licenses.

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance

Reviewed: Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance

Selecting a specifically designed and well-made concealed weapon handbag or purse is quite difficult. The best and worth having concealed carry purse comes in a huge range of designs and styles. Due to this factor, it is tricky to pick a concealed carry purse that will serve the best purpose while meeting the needs of users.

1. Roma Leathers Locking Concealment Purse

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 1Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 2

Made of high-quality leather along with the best stitching & multiple zippers, the Roma concealment purse comes under the category of best-concealed carry purses. It gives a good number of compartments. A Velcro placing holster is also included in the concealment purse and women can also enjoy the pleasure of having 2 lockable concealment sections.

Moreover, the point that this cool & stylish concealment purse has four keys can be considered as the biggest advantage. The size of the bag is also good and available in five colors. Additional pockets are also given to store other important things. To sum up, for those ladies who are looking forward to giving a tough appearance, the Roma concealment purse is absolutely perfect.



  • Quality zippers & durable hardware
  • Multiple pockets and zippers
  • It can be worn in multiple ways due to two stylish straps
  • Well-made
  • Give the best value for money
  • Genuine leather & attractive design
  • Inner lining is made of soft cloth
  • Offer easy access to zipper compartment
  • Lightweight & looks cool while carrying

2. Heshe Vintage Women Leather Handbags  

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 3Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 4

This concealed carry purse presents a perfect combination of quality and style due to a fact that the bag is enhanced by dark-brown polyester inner lining & premium-quality hardware in silver. The purse features a main zippered pocket along with an interior compartment, also known as a major storage area because ladies can place their IDs and cell phones in it. Where the 2nd zippered pocket is dedicated to small items.

The bag is available in different colors such as wine, violet, sorrel, and black. Ladies who do not like the real leather purse can opt PU leather bag in black color. Whether ladies are using Heshe vintage concealed carry bag in a business or casual setting, it will surely be liked by many. 



  • Made of high-quality leather
  • It can be carried in three ways
  • The shoulder straps have a good length that is adjustable
  • Comfortable and convenient


  • Locking option should be offered

3. Purse King Magnum CCW Concealed Carry Handbag

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 5Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 6

The handbag is specially crafted from durable and soft synthetic leather & comes with a one-year warranty. All ladies who are looking for a reasonable yet sleek & stylish concealed carry purse, the Purse king Magnum will make a good choice. The straps of the purse are adjustable & long enough to carry the purse on the shoulder or even crossed body.

The gun pocket inside the purse is particularly designed to keep medium to small-sized handguns. It also has a zippered pocked to let ladies retrieve the gun easily. It is a perfect purse for daily use because, it is stained resilient, casual having chic look. No doubt, this concealed carry purse is highly recommended due to being exceptionally lightweight & durable.



  • Convenient functionality
  • Fits comfortable with a range of holsters
  • Hard-wearing and stylish
  • Available in different color options
  • Hassle-free compartment access


  • It does not have a locking feature

4. Browning Women’s Alexandria Concealed Carry Purse

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 7Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 8

The browning company is offering its services to the shooting community for ages. It simply proofs that they are offering the best products. It has a wide base thus, allows the purse to stand easily. The purse is considered as the best-concealed carry option due to number of useful features. It has multiple pockets & compartments for organizing personal items such as IDs and cellphones. Moreover, the lockable zipper of the purse has a secret keyring to ensure protected access to valuables and firearm.

Ladies can store the keys conveniently on the secret key ring that is securely attached to the strap of the purse. The purse locking holster can quickly and easily be reached by ladies from the right, top, and, left of the purse. It makes opening the bag very easy and fast. Another remarkable feature that cannot be overlooked is the soft yet durable shoulder straps.



  • Can stands upright once placed on different types of surfaces such as the floor, chair, and table
  • The internal holster of the concealed purse features a separate lock
  • Soft, secure, and comfortable straps
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for women who always carry everything with them due to its small size

5. GTM Gun Tote’n Mamas Concealed Handbag 

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 9Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 10

It is indeed a very practical handbag due to the space it has & sleek construction. The GTM concealed handbag is large enough to allow women to carry everything with them. Moreover, it is a highly recommended handbag for those who need to carry the handgun for a long time. Does not how much women move around, the handgun will surely remain intact and secure.

The holster is also large enough to put up huge weapons. In addition, ladies have an option of four cool colors. Made from sturdy and durable uncoated leather, it fits perfectly against the wearer’s body.


  • Simple and attractive design
  • Removable strap
  • Slash resistant
  • Perfect for sporty ladies

6. Browning Women’s Catrina Concealed Carry Purse

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 11Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 12

It is another great purse designed by Browning. No doubt, this concealed carry purse is carefully designed. As compared to Browning Alexandria concealed carry purse, this purse is small in dimensions but, still gives required room for ladies who carry few things in the purse. It features a right and left entry pocket/ compartments to the locking holster pockets.

The pockets lock instantly & give a double advantage when it comes to safety, comfort, & ease of access. Moreover, it has cross body straps in order to have a stylish and versatile look. Ladies can place the keys securely and safely due to hidden keyring features. Due to this, ladies will always know where the house or vehicle keys are.



  • Perfect for right left, & cross draw
  • Detachable holster rotates & adjusts easily
  • Slim design thus looks stylish
  • Ladies can adjust the carry straps


  • Not a recommended option for ladies who keep a lot of things in the purse.

7. Concealed Carrier Women’s Universal Handbag

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 13Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 14

It will fit in handbags across different sizes while giving the required support that the handgun deserves. This concealed carry purse will surely secure a gun in the allocated gun compartment but, ladies generally have an attraction or desire for a specific brand or style & buying custom-made concealment purses is not the right choice. This product allows ladies to keep using their current handbag however, they can convert into a concealment carry purse whenever needed.


  • Cost-effective option
  • It is made from a durable and lightweight ABS material
  • Gives complete access to pockets and compartments
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Accommodates all weapons

8. Roma F.C Black Crossbody or Shoulder Carry Leather Purse

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 15Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 16

Made from fine leather, Roma concealed carry purse is the best purse because it offers great storage space. The purse features a number of pockets and compartments. If women like a handbag that allow them to keep all the accessories into it then, they should consider buying the Roma F.C concealed carry purse.

The purse also has holster inside & can be adjusted easily with the help of Velcro fasteners. Likewise, the handgun compartment of the purse features a locking system in the center of the purse. While this concealed carry purse can hold medium to small- sized sidearm in a locked pocket, the designers of the purse also ensure security by providing a handbag made of slash-resistant and genuine leather.



  • Well-designed & stylish handbag
  • Features a long & adjustable shoulder strap
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Has two keys & adjustable holster
  • Right/left-hand draw
  • Has plenty of storage


  • Smartphone pockets need improvement so, that ladies can keep their large smartphones easily.

9. Bulldog Cases Carry Tote Style Purse

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 17Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 18

It comes under the category of those purses that hold guns skillfully to satisfy the concealing needs of ladies.  The purse comes in versatile navy stripes along with tassels for complementing the whole look. Additionally, ladies can have a holster of the same color. The Bulldog purse has been specially designed to keep a wide range of small automatic revolvers and pistols easily.

Now, ladies can keep their accessories without any worried about extra space. The purse is capable of fitting everything perfectly. The purse features 2 accessory pockets, main large zippered compartment & inner zippered compartment. The backside of the purse has up& down zippers on both ends.


  • Offers sufficient space to carry all the required items
  • Smart and stylish looking
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Worthy buying


  • There should be more compartments as long as the size is concerned.

10. Vine Branch Genuine Leather Concealment Purse

Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 19Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance 20

Security matters a lot whenever we think about concealed carry purse. For holsters, locking mechanisms are provided to prevent the handgun from twisting. Women can get the same feature of security in Vine Branch concealment purse. Ladies can zip up their pistols while locking it up.  No doubt, this purse is stylish and durable and will surely give ladies a backup in dangerous or survival situations. It is considered as the best and worth buying purse for all those ladies who hold reliability and security to higher standards. It is a multipurpose bag like ladies can use it on a daily basis or even carry the purse during formal gatherings. Moreover, the handgun compartment of the Vine Branch concealment purse can hold the gun in a horizontal position and the nylon holster remain firmly in the right place.


  • Holster included
  • Made of premium quality leather
  • Plenty of slots and pockets
  • Concealment compartment is lockable
  • Left/right-hand draw
  • Multipurpose

It is a well-accepted fact that the best-concealed carry purse is all about personal choices. It will depend upon the taste of prospective buyers when it comes to design, color, size, style, & functionality.

Hopefully, the above-given comprehensive reviews of the best-concealed carry purse have helped ladies understand the range of options available. After reading the reviews, ladies will be in a better position to make a wise decision.

FAQs: Answered Best Concealed Carry Purse Clearance

In this section, the readers will be provided with some useful information in order to help narrow down the options because the best concealed carry purse is the only way of getting a memorable experience. Thus, ladies should have to be very careful while purchasing a concealed carry purse.

What Factors Should be given due attention while looking for the best concealed carry purse?

Prospective buyers should ensure to keep the below factors in mind including:

1. Material

Most of the concealed carry purses are made from synthetic or real leather & sometimes even denim. While considering leather, ladies have to decide between real and PU leather. Because purses made of real leather are more expensive as compared to PU leather. Whatever the preference is, try to buy a high-quality product.

2. Storage Capacity

It is another important feature that should not be ignored. The majority of the concealed carry purses have a good handgun compartment, however, they fails to give other compartments to store different valuables for instance IDs and cellphones. Therefore, it is advised to buy a purse that has a number of pockets & compartments.

3. Carry Style

Everyone has its own carrying styles. While selecting the concealed carry purse, it is important to give preference to the carrying style because it can make a huge difference while boosting the level of confidence.

4. Durability & Quality  

When ladies carry something as important and daring as a handgun, they should carefully check the durability and quality of the concealed carry purse before purchasing it.

5. Security

The handgun can help keep people safe. The users should try their best to keep the handgun safe also. The handbags & purses are often left unattended so, if somebody goes through the purse & finds the handgun, it can cause unforeseen damage. Therefore, it is better to buy a concealed carry purse with lockable concealment sections.

What are the Some Important Tips for Women to Carry the Concealed Carry Purse Safely?

The following tips can help women use the concealed carry purse without any fear

  • Practice a lot with appropriate techniques
  • Always keep track of the progress
  • Never tell anybody about having a firearm
  • It is better to know the rules and regulations along with your rights
  • Take self-defense classes
  • Consider keeping another self-protection weapon such as pepper spray
  • Better to practice situational alertness & follow your gut feeling
  • Practice accurate weapon safety
  • Do not panic & be confident

Choosing the Best One: Isn’t it That Easy?

Any of the above-discussed products would be the best fit for a woman who loves to carry a durable yet stylish handbag. But, here it is important to mention that protection matters a lot. Every woman has its own style statement therefore, women should select the styles that will resonate with them. All the reviewed products are capable of doing the job perfectly. The trick is to, select the one that will serve you in long run according to your set standards and requirements.


To sum up, every woman wants a stylish & high-quality concealed carry purse to feel more comfortable and confident. The best-concealed carry purse will not only make it easy for women to carry their handguns and belongings with them but, also help them to get that required feeling of safety.

Does matter what type and size of the concealed carry purse women love to carry, they certainly won’t have any problem finding a premium-quality one for themselves. Regardless of this, what’s even great, is women can easily combine the best product with one that will protect gun & family by simply keeping the handgun accessible & exactly where they need it instantly.

Moreover, the best-concealed carry purse always reduces the chance of keeping a dangerous defense mechanism to some extent. Hopefully, readers will never be in a position where they have to use the handgun in order to protect themselves. The purpose of this review is to help women make an informed and smart decision while selecting the best concealed carry purse. Without any doubt, the above-discussed concealed carry purses are terrific.

Moreover, now women are more aware and understand the importance of having security weapons with them. The best concealed carry purse will let women carry the handgun safely without giving any hint to people around. There is a wide range of options out there, so does not matter what type of purse women like, the important thing is it should work perfectly for them.

It also features some hidden compartments that can be accessed easily, so the firearm is isolated and concealed securely. So, if women prefer to be careful & want to protect themselves, it is highly recommended to think about getting the best-concealed carry purse while taking the proactive approach to another level.

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