What is big and tall in suit sizes

When you are big and tall it can be hard to find clothes that fit properly. Most of the time you will find that the clothes don’t fit right or are too short. This can be really frustrating. This blog looks at some of the problems people who are big and tall face when it comes to finding clothes and what you can do to deal with it.

The term big and tall is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to identifying clothing sizes. Generally, big and tall refer to the wearers’ height. However, there has been an increasing trend of people preferring to buy clothing that is labelled “big and tall” instead of “extra large” or “plus size.” This blog will provide readers with an overview on suit sizes. but there is also a difference between big and tall.

When men are shopping, there are two important aspects to consider: the “fit” of the garment, which is how it looks on your body shape. Size is simply a number that corresponds with your measurements.

Men’s Blazer Size Chart

Men’s blazers are essential items of clothing that can be worn for any number of occasions. Whether you are looking for a blazer for work, the weekend or a special event, there are some essential considerations you must make when choosing the right blazer for you.  There is a lot to consider when selecting the right blazer for you so here is everything you need to know about blazer size chart.


Men’s shirt size chart

Men’s shirt size charts are a common sight. Knowing what size shirt to purchase can be difficult. A shirt size chart can help you know what size shirt to purchase, but it is often incomplete. This blog post will focus on how to use a shirt size chart to figure out what size shirt to purchase.

Size (US)ChestNeckWaistSleeve
XS32″ – 34″13″ – 13 1/2″26″ – 28″32
S35″ – 37″14″ – 14 1/2″29″ – 31″33
M38″ – 40″15″ – 15 1/2″32″ – 34″34
L41″ – 43″16″ – 16 1/2″35″ – 37″35
XL44″ – 46″17″ – 17 1/2″38″ – 40″36
2XL47″ – 49″18″ – 18 1/2″41″ – 43″37

WAIST: Wrap a measuring tape around the waistline, even if the belt is buckled. Measure at the natural indentation in front of your body and make sure to breathe as you take this measurement.

A ruler or straight edge  can help you measure the length of your slacks which is often 29-33 inches. Measurements can usually be found along the side of the pants where you find the exception for what size they are. Sometimes, even sizes will have their own measurements.

CHEST: [measurement] while wearing a shirt – [measure total inches around the chest. Tape should be under the arms and straight across the shoulder blades]

NECK: To find the neck size of a shirt, lay it flat and measure, from the center of the collar buttonhole to the end of the button.

Sleeve: The length of your sleeves should cover the top wrist joint when your arm is relaxed to the side. For men, it generally takes about 2″ (5 cm) up each side of the arm to ensure you don’t accidentally expose too much skin when bending at the elbow in day-to-day life.

What Is Considered Big In Clothing Sizes?

Generally, big sizes are usually designed to match a larger neck, shoulder and chest size than the regular size of clothes. The clothes that fit these people have a smaller neck, shoulder and chest measurements. They also have a height of fewer than 6’2″ with a neck measurement of 16″, a chest measurement of 44-46″ and a waistline measurement of 38″. The dimensions of your XL or 1X shirts or pants might look like these.

XL is stand for Extra Large and there are numbers that increase with XL. Usually you will see XL, 1X, 2X, and so on.

Larger sizes are available, from 1X to 8X, with a chest size of 74-76, a neck size of 28″, and waist size of 70-72. Check out the following chart for an idea about what these sizes correspond to:

Big Sizes (6′ 2″ and under)
1X17 – 17 1/246 – 4842 – 44
2X18 – 18 1/250 – 5246 – 48
3X19 – 19 1/254 – 5650 – 52
4X20 – 2158 – 6054 – 56
5X2262 – 6458 – 60
6X2466 – 6862 – 64
7X2670 – 7266 – 68
8X2874 – 7670 – 72

What Is Considered Tall In Clothing Sizes?

Tall sizes are made for people who are taller and consider how a person’s height, chest size, and waist size will affect the fit. When you find tall sizes on a clothing item usually there will be a label of LT or XLT with 2XT to 6XT. Men between 6″3 ft and 6″9 ft in height or with a neck size between 16-24 or a chest measurement of 42-68 should use this clothing size. Guys with a waist measurement of 36-62 can also use it, where appropriate

Tall Sizes (6′ 3″ and over)
LT16 – 16 1/242 – 4436 – 38
XLT17 – 17 1/246 – 4840 – 42
2XT18 – 18 1/250 – 5244 – 46
3XT19 – 19 1/254 – 5648 – 50
4XT20 – 2158 – 6052 – 54
5XT2262 – 6456 – 58
6XT2466 – 6860 – 62

A graphic guide to understand sizing:

What is big and tall in suit sizes