Golf Shoes for Walking

So, for all those who are new to golf, selecting a good pair of golf shoes might seem a little useless. But trust me, the most comfortable golf shoes will significantly improve the gaming experience while keeping the feet safe during an 18-hold session. It simply means an enjoyable game & less achy feet.

Walking the course is the best exercise but with uncomfortable golf shoes, players might have a terrible experience. With that in mind, this article will review the 5 most comfortable golf shoes for walking for men and women after keeping durability, breathability, quality, comfort, & some other features in mind.

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Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Walking

What are the Main Types of Golf Shoes for Walking?

It is important to share that there are various different types of golf shoes that offer style, tractions, & comfort to the golf lovers. The 1st one is known as spiked golf shoe and this type is usually preferred by both professional and amateur golfers. Moreover, the spiked golf shoe features a solid outsole construction of compound materials in order to provide strength & required grip.

The 2nd type of golf shoes are known as Spikeless shoes and they are solely made for comfort. As compared to spikes, the Spikeless shoe has soft studs that take the place of hard plastic or flared spikes. Finally, there are metal spikes, but they are not the recommended one just because of their stiffness.

Why Do Golf Players Need Most Comfortable Shoes Especially Designed for Walking?

The basic reason behind wearing the most comfortable shoes is simply due to the spikes on shoe bottoms that anchor the player’s lower body throughout the golf swing. Whenever the feet slide or even become unstable during a swing, players will lose their powers because it is transferred to the golf ball.

Thus, golf shoes give an important service by simply keeping the player’s lower body stable especially during the twisting & turning of a swing. Here, I would like to share that many amateurs do not understand the basic difference between purchasing the specially designed golf shoes over just wearing normal athletic shoes.

Reviewed: Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Walking

Reviewed: Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Walking

Golf shoes are usually bought to give more grip while ensuring that the wearer remains comfortable during the golf course. And, it is a known fact with so many golf shoes out there, selecting the right one is not that easy. Below, I am going to review the 4 most comfortable golf shoes for walking the course, to help buyers make a wise decision.

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Walking for heavy people:

Adidas Men’s Golf Shoes

First of all, it can be said without any doubt that the Adidas golf shoes are by far the best and most comfortable shoes one can ever get. Because the material used in the shoes is very soft & flexible around the feet. In terms of appearance, the shoes look great. As compared to Nike and other famous brands, these golf shoes have six traditional plastic spikes along with ridges, small rubber knobs, & other shapes quite similar to the traditional cross trainer.

Moreover, the Adidas golf shoes offer great arch support that is considered best for walking. Affordable, functional, stylish, and comfortable, what else could someone ask for in the golf shoes? Well, as per personal experience, the front of these golf shoes should have more rounded vs. pointed and they are not waterproof but I was expecting that feature anyway.


  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Synthetic sole
  • Durable outsole
  • Ensure all-around performance
  • Offer perfect grip & balance


  • Quite narrow at the toe

Most comfortable golf shoes for wide feet

FootJoy Men’s Golf Shoes

These golf shoes are amazingly comfortable with durable soles and breathable & stretchy uppers. Just like all other FootJoy golf shoes, these meet the great fit & comfort right out the box. The traction of FootJoy golf shoes will definitely benefit the senior golfers.  Furthermore, the sole is very sturdy while being supportive on the follow-through of a golf swing.

As the most comfortable golf shoes for walking, they are very lightweight & meant for utmost comfort along with an insole that always ensure sufficient cushioning. However, do not wear these golf shoes if the course is rainy or wet but on the dry courses, these will surely work. The most noticeable thing is that, they clean up well after the round. But the shoe has a slipper design where the tongue is also a part of it and this makes it easy to slip on.


  • Versatile traction
  • Exceptional stability
  • Lightweight performance mesh
  • Breathable with all-day comfort
  • Give the best value for money


  • Inconsistent grip

New Balance Golf Shoe

Before moving ahead, I would like to share that most of the golf shoes are not available in wide width but New Balance golf shoes come in wide width & they are super comfortable. Apart from this, these golf shoes hold quite well in both damp and dry grass. They offer a great support, breathability, & grip while playing eighteen holes of golf.

Well, the mesh design might not provide the support of the leather shoe however, it is a cooler golf shoe in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, they give stability on the fairways & in the sand without any uncomfortable spikes on the bottom. However, the only problem with these golf shoes is that they do not have waterproof properties. So, it cannot be worn in early morning dew but perfect for afternoon.


  • Lightweight cushioning
  • CUSH+ insole
  • Available in different colors
  • Fits well
  • Give perfect support


  • Not waterproof

Best spikeless golf shoes for walking

ECCO Men’s Golf Shoe

A bit pricey but well worth it when it comes to comfort and durability, the ECCO golf shoes are perfectly designed and best for walking. In short, they are by far the lightest & comfortable golf shoes and seem to be built well with premium quality material. Well, these shoes might feel a little stiff right out of the box but after 1 wearing they will break in.

No doubt, the ECCO Men’s golf shoes meet & exceed all expectations but I would suggest everyone to order one size less than what they think they need. Even though these golf shoes are not available in wide widths, prospective buyers should be capable of finding the size that fits perfectly, even if they wear wide golf shoes. In short, the ECCO Men’s golf shoes for walking make a great option for both dedicated and amateur golfers. 


  • Lightweight and breathable leather upper
  • Excellent grip
  • Offer long-lasting comfort
  • Highly durable & flexible
  • 100% yak leather 


  • Comfort and style is great but is sizing needs improvement

Buying Guide: Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Walking

Golf shoes for walking that are super comfortable and durable, who would have ever thought about it. In fact, these shoes have always been manufactured for comfort but nowadays, the technology involved in manufacturing footwear simply means additional details can easily be taken into account. So, in this buying guide readers will get more information that can make the buying process easy.

What Makes the Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Walking?

Some important areas that makes the golf shoes worth buying are as follows:


This is extremely important & the above listed golf shoes have eschewed the joys of waterproofing for instance, to give utmost comfort. Golfers always need the most comfortable golf shoes in order to walk the course. Because playing golf & walking eighteen holes with sore feet and blisters is not fun at all.


While buying the best and most comfortable shoes, durability plays a major role. Players should know that their shoes always take a beating whenever they walk while playing, from mud to wet grass, the shoes have to bear it all. So, durability is what players need.

Stability & Traction

The selected pair of the golf shoes should give stability & required traction during the swing. This is necessary because during the golf swing, forces will be generated in order to exert much pressure therefore, the shoes should give the required grip to help bear this pressure.


Checking the quality of materials is also important because the shoes made of premium quality materials will last longer & give the best value for money. 


A proper fitting simply means more comfort. Take things such as midsection size, ankle entry, length, width, toe box into consideration before buying the golf shoes.

Can the Most Comfortable Golf Shoes Help Players Gain Stability with their Swings?

Yes, obviously the golf shoes will help golfers gain stability with their swings. Well, there are 3 main areas where golf shoes can help during the swing including flexibility, stability, and balance. Moreover, golf shoes also help with the balance as they are designed for keeping the feet connected to a ground during the swing. Having flexible shoes allow players to steady their bodies by having the studs or spikes grips into a playing surface.


In the end, it can be said that the ultimate choice concerning the most comfortable golf shoes for walking lies in one’s personal preferences. Well, by considering the above-reviewed products along with the important factors, golfers can easily decide which criteria perfectly match their gaming requirements.

Furthermore, I would like to share that whatever golf shoes prospective buyers end up with, they should confirm that the shoes are comfortable for their feet. Because when golfers walk the course, there will be no room for hard and uncomfortable shoes. So, that’s my review of the most comfortable golf shoes for walking & hopefully I have helped prospective buyers towards deciding which one they need.