8 Best Deodorants for Kids

Adults would possibly understand the importance of using deodorants, but have they ever thought about deodorant for kids? It is true that wearing a deodorant comes under the category of the great hygiene habit that everyone should adapt to fight unpleasant body odors. Here, it is worth noticing that kids may also begin to develop different body odors as they approach puberty i.e. between ages 8 & 14.

Abrupt hormonal changes in kids generally result in some physiological changes as well & one of those changes is increased perspiration. This condition results in unpleasant body odors thus, creating embarrassing moments for kids. Many kids do not even need to use deodorant to tackle body odor until they reach puberty. One of the strongest symptoms of puberty is definitely linked with increased sweating because sweat glands become extremely active during puberty. 

So, if sweating is causing issues such as wet patches or body odor, or even if it is affecting the kid’s confidence then, it might be the right time for kids to select a good deodorant to mask the body odor confidentially. In order to help readers find the top-quality products, this article is going to share some useful information concerning the best deodorants for kids. Moreover, kids have very sensitive skin so, selecting the right deodorant is important for their health and safety.

Things to look for in kids deodorant

What is the Difference between Deodorants and Antiperspirants?

Antiperspirants commonly have a chemical substance like aluminum salts in order to block sweating. On the other hand, deodorants are designed to mask odors while reducing organisms/bacteria that actually cause odors. Moreover, deodorants have Parabens to reduce fungal and bacterial growth. Here, I would like to share the few people who have said that ingredients like Parabens and Aluminum can cause cancer but, according to the different medical researches, no valid evidence has been found to support the idea.

Does Age Really Matter when It Comes To Start Wearing a Deodorant?

The age that kids start using a deodorant is entirely a matter of personal preferences or the way parents think about it. There is no restriction of age at which a kid should start wearing deodorant because it also depends on when the kids start perspiring & develop the issues of body odor, which can either be due to puberty or when kids get engaged in various sports activities.

Reviewed: 8 Best Deodorants for Kids

Best Deodorants for Kids

As mentioned earlier that body odor is considered as an important sign of puberty. Even though it is a completely natural part of a kid’s development but it can become the reason of an unpleasant situation for a kid. No doubt, smelling nice can boost the kid’s confidence because a confident kid is surely a happy kid.

Fortunately, there are various ways of controlling the kid’s body odor including deodorants. The market is overloaded with different kinds of deodorants especially designed for kids & therefore, selecting the right one is tough. But, the below-discussed reviews will help readers make a wise decision.

1. Best organic: Truly’s Deodorant for Kids

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It is indeed a great and worth buying deodorant due to being efficient and safe for kids. This deodorant smells lovely, fights unpleasant body odors while leaving the kids feeling and smelling great.  Moreover, it is considered the best option for kids’ just approaching puberty. The creaming composition of this deodorant ensures a great & long-lasting effect during the day with just a single application.

The most noticeable feature of true deodorant is that it has all-natural ingredients, for instance beeswax, baking soda, powdered sugar, and coconut oil. In short, the deodorant is completely organic & GMO free & does not sting, stain or leave patches on kid’s clothes. As it is free of harmful & artificial ingredients thus, will not irritate the kid’s sensitive skin.


  • Creamy composition
  • No Aluminum or Parabens
  • Fragrance  free
  • All-natural and organic ingredients
  • Long-lasting


  • Applicator is not given
  • Bit oily

User Experience:

The majority of customers have loved the fact that the deodorant is not messy & they can control how much deodorant to put on. Few users have commented that the coconut oil’s smell is very soft that lasts throughout the day.  It is a scientifically proven deodorant to prevent the growth of bacteria by simply creating hyperosmosis. 

2. Best for girls: KT Travel Deodorant

8 Best Deodorants for Kids 38 Best Deodorants for Kids 4

It is the all-natural solution for body odors especially designed for teens and kids, girls or boys, delicate underarms. The deodorant is made from sunflower seeds, citrus, & several other safe ingredients. The refreshing smell of this deodorant will keep kids going throughout the day.

To put it simply, the Toms of Maine deodorant gives 24 hours of sweat and odor protection however, manages to control all this without using any kind of harmful or harsh ingredients such as Parabens, phthalates, aluminum, or added preservatives. It also helps fight germs and bacteria while providing a cooling & calm effect which enables kids to sweat less.

It is vital to mention that this deodorant is something girls should consider buying especially those who are going to hit puberty soon.  


  • Natural sweet scent
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Free of harsh and harmful substances
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Gives cooling sensation


  • Might not work equally for everyone

User Experience:

The majority of users have recommended the Toms of Maine deodorant to all those suffering for allergies due to sensitive skin. The product is great for girls without irritation, burns, & skin discoloration while giving great odor protection. On the other hand, the deodorant does not stop sweat completely but is good at eliminating odor. 

3. Best for sensitive skin: TBH Kids Deodorant

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The bodies of kids change & evolve daily especially during puberty. It is quite tough to keep with the kid’s mood swings, hormonal changes etc. Well, the good news is that TBH kids deodorant truly understands the problems of kids and therefore, helps them deal & fight with these problems confidently. However, parents should tell their kids that grooming & maintaining personal hygiene matter a lot.

This deodorant for boys & girls has a perfect balance of sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, charcoal & witch hazel. The deodorant is not very overpowering or loud and works amazingly for both girls and boys. Additionally, it contains cooling ingredients like calendula, cucumber & chamomile to help kids feel fresh, hydrated, and super calm.


  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Good for all skin types
  • Give calm & balancing results
  • Safe and effective
  • Non-scented


  • May not glide on the skin easily

User Experience:

According to the users, the most admirable feature of the TBH kids’ deodorant is that it has skin-softening ingredients including chamomile and cucumber. Few buyers have commented that the deodorant is unscented that is good for both boys and girls. Many users have bought the product due to its amazing price range and simplicity.

4. Best for smelly armpits: Fresh Kidz Natural Deodorant

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Aimed at teens and kids, this deodorant is considered as the best one for kids currently available in the market. Moreover, designed for pre-teen & teenage girls having sensitive skin, this wonderful deodorant does not contain any harmful chemicals such as alcohol, Parabens, and Aluminum. The keep it kind deodorant gives 24-hours protection against body odors, while considering the health and safety of girls.

This trendy & cool deodorant does not stain or mark clothing & does not block pores. The deodorant also helps girls avoid different uncomfortable side effects & prevent itchy, chaffed, and dry skin. This particular deodorant is available for both girls and boys separately in fragrances that are fresh, natural, and clean smelling. 


  • All-natural with no harsh chemicals
  • Protect against body odors
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • Effective, all day protection against bacteria


  • Few kids may not like the scent due to being strong

User Experience:

Many parents are happy and satisfied after buying Fresh Kidz deodorant as it is designed & created to handle the puberty related issues of girls in a better way. Parents have commented that now they can protect the teen girls from bullying & stigma linked with unpleasant body odors with this worth buying product.

5. Best vegan: Growing Basics Kids Deodorant

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Another great product for pre-teen & early teen girls, the growing basic deodorant offers a wonderful combination of scents namely kiwi melon, cherry blossom, and pear berry in order to make girls feel more confident. This enchanting scent has floral vanilla, smooth, and fruity aroma to take girl’s senses on new adventures. Furthermore, this deodorant gives 24 hours protection against body odor.

This deodorant truly aims at absorbing moisture thus, making girls more comfortable & increasing the total amount of time required between reapplications. It is an invisible solid that contains all-natural ingredients while being completely vegan.  Another advantage of using Growing basics deodorant is that it will never leave any stain or white patches on the clothes & causes no skin issues.


  • Cruelty free
  • Biodegradable
  • Natural stick deodorant
  • Ensure long-lasting freshness
  • Good at eliminating body odors


  • It might mask the odor instead of taking it away

User Experience:

The majority of parents are extremely happy after finding this product due to its performance. Honestly speaking, just a single swipe always goes a long way. Few parents have commented that this kid-friendly deodorant smells great and glides on easily. The scents are wonderful & packaging is extremely attractive. Highly recommended.

6. best Antiperspirant: Teen Spirit Deodorant

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All those parents who are looking for a workable solution that can completely control the kids’ odors, then the Teen spirit deodorant is a way to go. The deodorant gives a sassy fragrance in order to keep up with the girlie and cute of the kids. It is vital to mention that this specific product is especially designed for girls.

Moreover, the deodorant is made of amazing ingredients that not just do a great job of handling underarm odors but handle perspiration also. It is both a deodorant and antiperspirant that’s why it is a recommended option to cater to the growing needs in a better way. The best thing is that, it does not leave white patches or residue on the clothes or skin.


  • All day effective protection
  • Newest fun & fresh fragrance
  • Super cute packaging
  • Works also as antiperspirant
  • Long-lasting


  • Might not be 100% organic

User Experience:

According to the parents, the product is really good, works as advertised. Few mothers have commented that their daughters loved it. Fragrance is fresh & not overwhelming. Many users loved the fact the product works as both deodorant and antiperspirant. So, now teenage girls can boost their level of confidence after wearing Teen spirit deodorant.

7. best natural: KIDS Natural Organic Deodorant

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It is a scientifically proven deodorant and made of all-natural and safe ingredients. It is well-a known fact that not all deodorants are entirely safe and natural. Few of them contain harsh chemicals that can be tolerated by men and women however, they are not good for kids. Luckily, the KIDS natural deodorant has been designed after keeping this important factor in view. The deodorant contains no beeswax, alcohol, Aluminum etc.

Additionally, this product is safe for adults, kids, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Parents can rest assured after knowing that they are offering the kids this deodorant with the completely safe and best ingredients when they select this option. It does not contain any artificial fragrance. The deodorant is not tested on animals thus, it makes the product cruelty-free.


  • Does no leave any marks on clothes
  • Non-greasy & non-sticky
  • Free of toxic substances
  • Highly effective and easy to use
  • Reliable, strong odor & wetness protection


  • Not recommended for kids with sensitive skin

User Experience:

According to the users, the deodorant is amazing, no sensitivity or reactions to it. Few users have commented that the deodorant smells natural because it does not contain any harsh or toxic chemicals. On the other hand, some users have mentioned that this product is a definite winner. No doubt, it is a bit expensive but users are happy after buying the KIDs natural deodorant.

8. best Aluminum Free: Dirty Kids Organic Deodorant

8 Best Deodorants for Kids 158 Best Deodorants for Kids 16

The last product on this list is, Dirty kids organic deodorant. It is indeed a great option for parents who are looking for not just a natural product but also an organic one for their kids. It is worth noticing that there is no deodorant safe for kids than the 100% certified organic. When it comes to kids’ deodorants, parents have found it hard to get an option that can meet this condition though still working great.

Undoubtedly, this deodorant has successfully cracked the code by offering an effective and completely organic kid’s deodorant. Furthermore, the deodorant is USDA certified, gluten-free & completely vegan. The deodorant does not contain any kind of chemical that could irritate or abrade the kid’s sensitive skin. 


  • Super effective
  • Long lasting protection
  • All-natural, non-toxic & certified
  • Gentle ingredients
  • Cruelty free


  • Some find it very dry

User Experience:

According to the parents, the deodorant comes packed with amazing and organic ingredients that always help in maintaining the kid’s skin health. Few parents have commented that it is a great product due to being organic & environmentally friendly.  The best thing is that the deodorant is hypoallergenic and parents can absolutely trust the product.

Buying Guide: 8 Best Deodorants for Kids

Kids are highly sensitive and prone to allergies therefore, it is important to do a lot of homework before buying any product for them & the same goes with kids’ deodorants. Few contemporary cosmetics contain artificial chemicals and ingredients in them and no doubt, they are not good for kids. Thus, in order to help prospective buyers find the right product for kids, this part of the article is going to share some buying tips.

How to Select the Best Deodorant for Kids?

With a wide range of options currently available in the marketplace, it is very difficult to select the best product. However, it is advised to consider the following factors to make things easier.


It is important to check the effectiveness of the selected product & i.e. how long the product will last. Kids, who are much into physical activities, always need long and strong protection against odor and sweat. A product with less number of harsh chemicals will always be effective.


Well, it is indeed a vital factor to be kept in mind while purchasing a good kid’s deodorant. Many deodorants have aluminum in order to combat a kid’s body odor however, that will be harsh concerning the kid’s sensitive skin. Therefore, select a deodorant that contains organic and natural ingredients for instance essential oils and plant extracts to avoid side effects.


Before selecting the product, it is recommended to ensure the longevity. In other words, try to ensure the selected product should give a long lasting performance.

Easy to Apply

Try to select a deodorant that comes in the form of cream or roll-on. Because, they both are extremely easy to apply while covering the underarms completely.

Does a Kid’s Deodorant Gives a Long-Lasting Performance?

Well, it varies from product to product. Generally, it should preferably be effective until the date or time stated by the deodorant’s manufacture. Apart from this, it also depends upon different factors i.e.  When the kids start perspiring & develop odor issues.

What Parents Can Do When the Selected Deodorant Does not Work for the Kid?

Parents should remember that every deodorant is different. If they noticed that the selected product is not working then, they should not give up. Few kids need special kinds of deodorants due to odor issues. So, it is better to try some other product instead of losing hope. 

What is the best organic deodorant for kids?

Parents may or may not realize but their children need a deodorant, the fact that kids can become a victim of inferiority complex if they are not taken care of. Imagine a kid going to school and everyone is running away from Him/Her. and they are not able to convey this message to you. we feel Truly’s cream deodorant is the best organic deodorant for kids in out list, you can check the whole list to find some more functional ones.

What type of deodorant is best for kids

This may be a very important question as many of us know that our regular deodorant sprays don’t fit the kids. so what type of deodorant should you choose.
To make things easier for you here is the answer, try to have Aluminum free, deodorants which are certified for kids, it means they are specially made for kids and have no bad impact. We made a precise top deodorant list for your convenience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it can be concluded that the child’s 1st experience with his/her body odors often indicate the onset of puberty. Usually, this happens during pre-teen time but can be linked to specific type of food items or even poor hygiene. Luckily, the issue of unpleasant body odors can easily be tackled with the right and top-quality deodorant. Hopefully, this article on selecting the best kids’ deodorant gives parents an insight concerning different yet effective products out there.

The above-discussed picks will surely be useful for parents when they consider purchasing the best deodorant for kids. some times the kids wearing certain costumes can also lead to sweating, we have a list of best purge costumes for kids.