Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads

The problem of bedwetting that is also known as “Incontinence” is surely a sensitive one however, it is vital to mention that it is extremely common among adults as well. Apart from this, the symptoms of bed wetting can happen to everyone at any age thus, it is an important subject that has to be discussed openly & more frequently.  

It is often misinterpreted that just kids own the rights of bedwetting because they are in the process of learning how to control the bowel, particularly during night time. But, according to different medical researches, bedwetting is often caused by various factors such as sickness and age. No doubt bedwetting is a bit uncomfortable for aging adults and caregivers as well. But, the good news is that this problem can easily be tackled with the help of a few tools.

Good quality & extremely absorbent bedwetting sheets & adults will protect bedding, mattresses, & chairs from staining and moisture in a better way. Now, there is no need to spend a lot of time analyzing the effectiveness and quality of every option. This article is going to share the worth of reading information regarding the most protective and comfortable bedwetting sheets and pads currently available. 

What are Bedwetting Sheets and Pads?

It is recommended to do some research before buying the adult’s bedwetting sheets and pads. Basically, these tools are highly absorbent & waterproof that people can put on the top of bed sheets before going to sleep. In this way, the urine will not ruin the mattress.

Moreover, the bedwetting sheets and pads are breathable in order to ensure that the user feels comfortable at night.  Currently, bedwetting sheets and pads are available in different types and sizes to cater to the needs of larger populations.

What are the Different Types of Bedwetting Sheets & Pads for Adults?

What are the Different Types of Bedwetting Sheets & Pads for Adults?

As mentioned earlier, bedwetting sheets and pads are considered a must-have accessory due to a number of good reasons. People can find the following 3 types of mattress and bed protectors they can use for bedwetting:

  • Bedwetting underwear
  • Bedwetting mats and pads
  • Bedwetting sheets

Bedwetting pads and sheets can also be categorized as:

  • Reusable bedwetting sheets & pads
  • Disposable bedwetting sheets and pads

Lastly, bedwetting sheets and pads are available for the people of every age:

  • Bedwetting sheets and pads for adults
  • Bedwetting sheets and pads for kids

Moreover, the following names can be used for bedwetting sheets and pads:

  • Incontinence sheets
  • Waterproof plastic mattress protectors
  • Waterproof rubber bed sheets
  • Pee proof mattress sheets and covers

Why is it Important to Use Bedwetting Sheets and Pads for Adults?

Well, it varies from person to another however, using bedwetting sheets and pads for adults has become more important due to the following reasons:

  • It is tremendously secure & comfortable for adults to sleep peacefully on good quality bedwetting sheets and pads instead of sleeping while wearing the diapers.
  • These sheets and pads will also protect the floor and mattress from urine. Else there will be smell all-round.
  • As compared to diapers which are just worn once & other bedwetting tools, adult bedwetting pads and sheets are reusable and washable. In other words, they are more economical.
  • Changing the bedwetting sheets and pads is less time consuming & tedious instead of changing the bedding and mattresses.
  • Due to being highly absorbent, the bedwetting sheets and pads are also considered a healthy option.
  • Lastly, they are also recommended for maintaining the dignity of adults who are suffering from the issue of bedwetting.

Reviewed: The Best Bedwetting Sheets and Pads for Adults

Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads

If you are going to buy the best bedwetting sheets and pads for adults but are a bit confused, then do not worry as you have selected the right place.  Choosing the best product is always hard due to so many famous brands. Well, this article is going to review the best products offered by top-selling brands.

1. SafeRest Full Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 1Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 2

This product is considered as one of the best protectors when it comes to staying absolutely waterproof through ten cycles of drying & washing & 2 leak tests. SafeRest products are famous for their exceptional protection against fluids, dust mites, urine, allergens, perspiration, and bacteria.

All these features collectively make the product extremely beneficial for kids and adults suffering from incontinence. Moreover, this mattress protector will safeguard the mattress against stains and fluids. As compared to other sheets, it is easy to wash & dry quickly. The best thing is that SafeRest is FDA approved & the products are specially designed not to alter the feel of mattresses.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Made from premium quality cotton fabric
  • Has amazing perspiration ability
  • Might be too big for a thinner mattress

User Experience:

The users are happy with SafeRest mattress protector’s absorbency & affordable price. This mattress sheet has kept several beds safe from leaks and spills. Some users have commented that the product is wrinkle-free, with no crinkling sounds or plastic rustling whenever they touch it. In short, the product is noiseless, waterproof, & affordable thus, highly recommended.

2. Epica Premium Quality Bed Pad for Children or Adults

Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 3Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 4

Prospective buyers cannot beat the cost for a bed pad of premium quality. This bed pad has a waterproof layer that acts as a strong between the sheet & mattress to prevent any leakages and spills from passing through. Furthermore, the product features a triple-layered protective fabric for protecting the skin from various allergic reactions or any irritation. 

The most noticeable feature is that the bed pad is sufficiently big for giving room to move around easily without dislocating the pad from its place. The material of the bed pad is wrinkle-proof and will not produce any distressing sounds. The premium quality bed pad has a high absorbance capability; it simply means that the body will remain protected from getting wet.

  • Extra-long to ensure full coverage
  • Waterproof & easily washable
  • Non-slip backing along with delicate fabric front
  • Expanded leakage protection
  • Best for locking in liquids
  • Bit stiff

User Experience:

According to the users, this is a highly recommended product when it comes to protecting the mattress and sheets from damage. This amazing bedwetting protection tool for adults is very cushiony and soft so that people will have a peaceful night sleep.

Apart from this, it can be washed easily as many times as people want. However, it might not be absorbent enough to be considered as an exclusive line of protection against various leaks.

3. Priva 1 Pack High Quality Ultra Waterproof Sheet and Mattress Protector

Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 5Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 6

This sheet & mattress protector also comes under the category of the best bedwetting sheets especially designed for adults. The product is made from four absorbent & protective layers to absorb the liquids while preventing them from getting directly into the mattress. Additionally, it features an inner waterproof layer for creating a non-slip barrier between the protector and mattress.

The purpose is to keep the bed and sheet protected and dry during the night while still being unobtrusive and comfortable. No doubt, the sheet protector gives maximum protection as it is specially designed to absorb liquids quickly while locking in moisture when it comes to ensuring the best protection & comfort.

  • Generously sized
  • Reusable
  • Made from top quality materials
  • Washer & dryer friendly
  • Bleachable and quite durable
  • The waterproof features might decline with every wash

User Experience:

The majority of users praised this product due to being waterproof, easy to remove or add & simpler to wash and dry. Additionally, the availability of 4 units always ensures that there is no need to wait for washed sheet protectors to dry. The product is both convenient & cost-effective. Some users have commented that the sheet & mattress protectors are generously sized & fit many beds perfectly.

4. Brosive Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads for Adults 

Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 7Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 8

These are the highly recommended disposable incontinence bed pads specially designed for adults. The breathable bed pads feature a highly absorbing system of 5 protective layers. This will lock in moisture, liquids while preventing unpleasant odors. The product is capable of keeping liquids far away from the skin in order to promote peace of mind and sound sleep for children and adults alike.

Besides, these disposable waterproof underpads is filled with very soft fluff to ensure premium comfort & delicate care for children and adults. The product does not contain any harmful or irritating dyes, salts, and chemicals to trigger any itching or skin infection.

  • Super absorbing system
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Non-slip & waterproof
  • Multipurpose
  • Recommended for people of different ages
  • Made from quiet and soft material
  • Cannot be reused

User Experience:

According to the buyers, the pads are much better & bigger as compared to other available options. Moreover, the given waterproof & non-slip back sheet always keeps the mat in the proper place throughout the night.

Few users have commented that the diamond-shaped design of the product is perfect at liquid absorbing while keeping skin dry and healthy. However, some users have mentioned that no doubt the product does its job perfectly but has a terrible chemical odor.

5. KANECH Bed Pads for Incontinence for Adults 

Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 9Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 10

Another great product that is made from premium quality fluffy microfiber surfaces to let adults sleep well & wake up with a silky soft feeling. The KANECH bed pads are considered super soft in order to give a comfortable and peaceful feeling. Due to being super absorbent, the product ensures that the mattress pad/cover will keep the bedding completely dry throughout the night.

The back is made from 100% polyester for a longer lifetime & stronger strength. This factor will also reduce the risk of slipping at night. As the product is made from hypoallergenic and washable material, it does not need any specific detergents.

  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to wash
  • Amazing and long lifetime design
  • Environmental friendly due to PU waterproof layer
  • Slip-resistant & noiseless
  • The available sizes are a bit confusing

User Experience:

The majority of buyers are satisfied with their purchases because these are the top-quality incontinence pads that are reusable, washable, and waterproof. Few users have commented that the product works well for its intended purpose. Due to being flexible and soft, these incontinence pads are highly recommended. Moreover, the pads can be washed many times without any fear of damage.

6. Dry Defender Store Waterproof Bed Pad

Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 11Best Adult Bedwetting Sheets/Pads 12

Before moving ahead, I would like to share that Dry Defender is definitely the correct name for this brand when it comes to waterproof bed pads. For the majority of adults, this amazing brand has become the perfect choice. This product is capable of protecting the mattress from fluid, sweat, and urine stains.

Therefore, it is a recommended option to protect the beds or mattresses for unforeseen circumstances.  With its remarkable size of 36×54”, it is capable of covering most beds easily. Furthermore, the bed pad is also supported by the layer of vinyl material to ensure ultimate waterproofness.  People can even wash the bed pad in the machine & tumble dry.

  • Washable & remains in the proper place
  • Amazing quality
  • 100% waterproof with remarkable absorption
  • No crinkly sounds
  • Worth buying
  • Sizing problems reported

User Experience:

Users are truly loving this product due to its quality and performance. The bed pad worked as expected. The best thing is that this bed pad is recommended for people of all ages. According to the buyers, this bed pad has become successful in preventing fluids, sweat, and urine from penetrating directly into & ruining the mattress. Only a few buyers are not satisfied with the sizes. 

Buying Guide: The Best Bedwetting Sheets & Pads for Adults

The best bedwetting sheets and pads for adults are those that will keep the skin dry while being gentle on the skin & budget friendly. From absorbency to comfort and breathability, there is a lot to consider while selecting and buying the bedwetting sheets and pads for adults that will serve the best purpose. It is advised to continue reading the article to get more information when it comes to selecting the best product.

How to Select the Best Bedwetting Sheets & Pads for Adults?

Prospective buyers should know that they can find a wide range of products for adult incontinence to keep them dry and comfortable while protecting their beds. If readers are still confused concerning which adult incontinence sheet and pads options are good for them then they should consider the following factors to narrow down the choices.

Reusable vs. Disposable

Washable/reusable adult pads are surely more economical as compared to disposable ones. On the other hand, disposable units are often expensive in the longer run. But, they are perfect for traveling. Usually, disposable units are thinner & easy to carry.


It is important that the bedwetting sheets & pads for adults should be highly absorbent in order to prevent leakages. The best product will absorb all the liquids quickly and effectively. Bedwetting sheets with high absorbency have a number of layers & all these layers are absorbent and thick.

Filling & Core

Polymers and rayon are considered as the best filling materials not too fluffy or not too rigid. Conversely, the material of the core will determine how much soft the sheet or pad is. In case it is very cushiony, the weight of the wearer may squeeze all the urine of the sheet or pad. Or it is too firm, it might rub against the skin & cause irritations.

Easy to Wash

Well, if people are going for the polyurethane incontinence sheets, they have to wash them in the machine or water & this practice is more time taking. On the other hand, if they purchase the Vinyl sheets they can wipe it easily with the help of dumb clothing. 


It is vital to mention that there are different ways of securing the incontinence pads and sheets so they will remain intact at night. Moreover, the best and top-quality bedwetting sheets and pads for adults have to be non-slippery along with a strong grip at the bottom.

How Adults Can Overcome the Problem of Bedwetting?

The following few changes to daily & nightly routine can help adults,

  • Take medicines after consulting with a doctor
  • Bladder retraining is important
  • Never drink anything before going to bed
  • Alarm clock can help
  • Incontinence alarm system is a recommended practice

What are the Side Effects of Ignoring Incontinence?

Just imagine that diapers are not being used, it is a well-accepted reality that leaving urine on the mattresses will create a number of issues such as:

  • Cleaning up the wet bed is extremely difficult
  • The odor is very annoying and if it is absorbed deeply into the bed, the odor will become a huge mess.
  • The frequent incontinence will eventually damage the bed/mattress


Overall, it can be said that all those who are suffering from incontinence or bedwetting problems, then they should be aware of the seriousness & risks associated with it. In spite of the stress and embarrassment it causes whenever the mattress or bed gets soiled, this problem also costs time & money for getting the bed back in its shape. Luckily, with the availability of the best bedwetting sheets and pads for adults, the adverse effects of the weak bladder can easily be controlled to a greater extent. Because people just to replace & wash the bedwetting sheets instead of changing the whole bed/mattress.