Swimwear for Apple Shaped

Swimsuit season may not always end with those sunny hot days, whether people are heading indoors directly into the swimming pools or to the tropical beaches and if you are looking for plus size swimwear, we have got amazing plus size beach chairs for you as well, it is important to feel safe and great.

And, the same guiding principles for flattering plus size or apple shaped apply to dresses, tops, & swimsuits. It is advised to pick a swimsuit that can create or define a waist while keeping the middle section well-supported and contained.

Even though going to resorts or beaches always sound interesting, shopping for the best swimsuit is never as simple & easy as it might look. Irrespective of height, everyone has unique body features. Therefore, understanding the body shape will surely help prospective buyers make an informed decision while shopping for the best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size.

All body shapes are awesome:

Our bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most people think there is a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are various benefits and drawbacks for each type of body-shape, as well as exercises that will work better for them.

The shape of your body might not be what you want it to be, but it gives you certain strengths and weaknesses that can help or hinder your fitness goals. It is important that we understand our bodies so we can make the most out of what we have been given.

What Exactly an Apple Shaped Body is?

Well, an apple shaped body simply means “top heavy or bulky” figure in which people have huge upper parts of the body. Meanwhile the legs and arms remain thin with the passage of time. Whenever a person with an apple shaped body gains weight, he/she is expected to put on extra pounds at the stomach area. Few characteristics of an apple shaped body are as follows:

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Wide torso
  • Thin legs and arms
  • Full bust
  • Undefined waistline
  • Slim hips

So, the best swimsuits for apple shaped bodies tend to have good bust support along with wide straps & high leg, high waisted bottoms in order to let people show off their slender legs.

Difference between apple and pear shapes:

It is important to understand the shapes of body in females, as it can have a major effect on how clothes look. The apple shape is characterized by a thin waist and wide hips. This body type has the widest hips and no defined waist. The arms will be thinner than the average person with this shape.

The pear shape is characterized by being top heavy with wide hips and small shoulders. This body type is wider at the top than it is at the bottom with no defined waistline, similar to an apple but without

the curves in the lower half of their body. The arms will be thicker than average with this shape as they usually have larger breasts, but are very thin through their upper torso. This is also considered to be one of the most common shapes

Best Swimsuit for Apple Shaped Plus Size

What is the Difference between New Apples vs. Born Apples

It is important to share that there are two kinds of apple shaped bodies, i.e. new apples & born apples. Firstly, a person with a born apple shaped body will always remain apple shaped either he or she gains or loses weight. While, on the other hand, a person with a new apple shaped body had a unique body shape once he/she was lean however, due to weight gain became apple shaped.

List of Best swimwear for apple shape:

Best forProduct nameClick here
One Piece SwimsuitEkouaer WomensSwimwear for Apple Shaped 1Swimwear for Apple Shaped 2
Tummy Control SwimsuitFirpearl Women’sSwimwear for Apple Shaped 3Swimwear for Apple Shaped 4
Ruched Tankini SwimsuitHilor Women’sSwimwear for Apple Shaped 5Swimwear for Apple Shaped 6
Deep Plunge High Waistedzeraca Women’sSwimwear for Apple Shaped 7Swimwear for Apple Shaped 8

Reviewed: The Best Swimsuits for Apple Shaped Plus Size

While shopping for the best swimsuit can be difficult for anyone, getting a flattering and stylish plus-size swimwear has its own challenges. Luckily, nowadays there are numerous size-inclusive brands that always welcome plus-size bodies. I am going to review some best-selling designs of swimsuits that are especially designed for apple shaped bodies in order to let buyers find one according to their body features.

Moreover, they are choices for plus-size women as well & those who want more coverage. Continue reading the article to get more information concerning the best swimsuits for Apple shaped plus size bodies.

1. Ekouaer Women Bathing Suit

Swimwear for Apple Shaped 9Swimwear for Apple Shaped 10

Stylish by land & sea, this classy one-piece monokinis swimwear shines with curve-loving ruching cool front which will surely make a person with Apple shaped body stand out proudly in the crowd. This sophisticated piece is designed by Ekouaer & is made of soft Elastane and nylon. Furthermore, the swimsuit has significant stretch to it thus, it fits perfectly and comfortably on various body sizes including apple shaped body.

The swimsuit is wrinkled from the middle to help smooth out the stomach. Vintage inspired swimwear allover shirring visually slims & conceals hips and tummy. The Ekouaer swimsuit is available in ten different prints & colors chosen from including, black cherry, navy blue, wine red, green leaves, & purple flowers. The best thing is that the swimsuit is perfect for women of all ages.

It’s not an underwire. Molded foam cups,

best swimsuit for apple shaped body
  • Excellent quality
  • Unique design
  • Ensure convenient wearing
  • Perfect vintage style swimwear
  • Different color options
  • Few buyers have complained that color fades away after sometime

According to the buyers, this swimsuit is comfortable & fits well. The colors are attractive, quality is unexpectedly amazing for this price range & the straps are adjustable. Few others have commented that they cannot even believe how good this swimsuit is. This suit is so flattering and I love how it keeps everything in place and makes me feel confident. The last time I wore this, the compliments just went on ad infinitum- they loved the way it looked!

2. Firpearl Women’s Swimsuit

Swimwear for Apple Shaped 11Swimwear for Apple Shaped 12

This elegant swimsuit is designed by Firpearl, a well-known brand that always focuses on researching & developing swimwears based on user experiences for years. The brand’s only purpose is to provide top-quality products with attractive and compelling designs, great value, & superb service for everyone.  The particular swimsuit comes with a U-shaped back and is made of spandex and nylon.

What is truly great about this Firpearl’s one piece swimwear is its design on the tummy area which always helps fold everything in while smoothing things out. Additionally, the product with fine curved stitching directly on the central part of the torso to help support the slender waist look of the apple shaped body. No doubt, the design is very classy & can be worn by women of all ages and sizes. This swimsuit is available in 10 different colors to cater to the needs of everyone.

plus size apple shape

I love how this fits! It’s perfect- not too revealing, but skimpy enough. The material is comfortable and I don’t have to worry about when I climb in and out of my jeep. This helps to suck everything in and hide all of my stuff which I want to hide, but it isn’t uncomfortable so I can still wear it while walking on the beach

  • Look stylish and modest
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Give the best value for money
  • Give a slimming effect
  • Premium-quality fabric
  • Not for skinny women
  • Torso is short

Many women have commented that this is a great swimsuit and fits well. The back and belly coverage is perfect. Other buyers have mentioned that Firpearl swimsuit is exactly what they have been looking for long. A person with Apple shaped body can put it on without a struggle.

3. Hilor Women’s Swimsuit

Swimwear for Apple Shaped 13Swimwear for Apple Shaped 14

Moving on to another great product designed by Hilor especially for apple shaped bodies. This swimsuit narrows the wearer’s waist while ruffles creates a playful and youthful look. Moreover, this is a spandex and nylon design along with ruches on the hip and tummy area. This thing is done deliberately in order to tuck in the belly.

swimwear for apple shape

It is worth mentioning that this is a vintage design with suitable shirred ruffles not just concealing the belly perfectly but also showcasing the fabulous curves. The Hilor swimwear with typical print, retro style, funky designs, and bright colors to give the wearer a memorable experience on summer vacations. The color options include three solid colors including black, army green, navy, & six floral designs. The ruffles of the swimsuit serve as a little more coverage to camouflage on the thighs.

I love this tankini top because it’s really flattering and hides my tummy well. I often find it difficult to find a tankini with the right length, but this one is perfect for my style. This is a really cute swimsuit that’s made out of a really soft and silky material so it’s really comfortable to wear. It could almost be worn as a tank top because the style is really loose, but it would also look great on the beach with shorts or with a cover-up.

  • Wire free
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect fit and quality
  • Flattering
  • Nice fit but lack support

According to the buyers, the fit is extremely flattering & does a great job of making tummy stand out. Some others have commented that fit is perfect & the material is of great quality. Soft & silky just like a good swimwear. Overall, the buyers are happy with this product.

4. Zeraca Women’s Swimsuit

Swimwear for Apple Shaped 15Swimwear for Apple Shaped 16

The last product on this list is offered by Zeraca, surely a worth buying product. This single piece swimwear features a stylish & classy design. The swimsuit is made of Elastane and polyester with a soft inner lining of polyester. It is vital to mention that this is a cool design for all those ladies who have a full bust because it has a front open pattern.

Irrespective of being very revealing, the bottoms are simply full ones thus, wearers will not be going all-in with swimsuit’s design. Furthermore, the chest has removable pads, the fabric is highly durable & pill-resistant and chlorine resistant. The sides of the Zeraca swimwear wrinkle slightly & the product’s fabric stretches 4 ways in order to give a perfect fit. The product is available in wild flowers, Greece vibes, and floral, dark red, and black color.

  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Flattering and fashionable
  • Ensure a confident and beautiful look
  • Great coverage
  • Beautiful prints
  • Tight around legs

According to the buyers, this is a worth having product with great fabric, true to size. Many other ladies with apple shaped bodies have commented that this swimwear is super cute while being versatile and well-made. The pattern is simply beautiful and the best thing is that, padding is removable.

Buying Guide: Best Swimsuit for Apple Shaped Plus Size

Selecting the best swimsuit according to body type is a bit tricky. Therefore, in this buying guide I will share some tips & tricks to help buyers select the right product.

The swimsuit industry has always had an issue with inclusivity and reflecting all body shapes and sizes. With the rise of plus-size models, a new trend has emerged within the plus size community. Women are now choosing to wear suits that fit their bodies instead of just swimming in the largest size they can find.

Apple shaped women have different needs than pear shaped women when shopping for a swimsuit. The apple-shaped body is wider at the hips than it is at the bust, while pear-shaped bodies are wider at the bust than they are at the hips.

The first thing to remember is that you may need a different cup size, especially if you have larger breasts. For example, if you are a DDD or F cup, you may want to consider going with a DD or FF bra and adding in some padding to get the right look.

What should be considered before Buying the Swimsuit for Apple Shaped plus Size Body?

Well, there are a few important things that buyers have to consider before picking a swimsuit including the following:

  • Avoid a swimsuit with waistbands around the belly
  • Avoid flounces, tassels and frills
  • Never pick a swimsuit with colors and prints that draw direct attention to the belly
  • Select a swimwear with an in-built belly control panel
  • Try a swimwear with a high waistline to get extra belly coverage

The swimsuit should both cover the stomach and provide support in the chest area. It should be loose at the waist to accommodate for the apple shape, but have a tighter fit for the chest. The straps should be broad enough to avoid slipping and prevent cleavage spillage.

The suit should also be durable and offer UV protection. For people with sensitive skin, it’s important that it is made with materials that don’t cause rashes or other irritations. Finally, consideration needs to be given to price because a quality suit can cost over $200 depending on design and brand.

It is not easy shopping for a swimsuit when you are plus-sized, but there are some things you can do to make it easier. When considering what kind of swimwear will work best for an apple shaped

Designs that Apple Shaped Body Should Avoid:

  • It is better to avoid swimwears with horizontal patterns and lines
  • Avoid straight across bandeaus


In the end, it can be concluded that after reading the reviews of above-shared products, I would like to say that it is not difficult for apple shaped women to look gorgeous on the beach or on summer vacations as long as they are selecting and wearing the right thing. Moreover, with few carefully selected details, prospective buyers can find a swimwear to expose the best of apple shaped bodies. From cute to bold, select a look that always makes you feel happy and confident.

It is crucial to know your body before you go shopping, especially if you are wearing a tight outfit such as swimwear. With that in mind, here are some points to help you get started.

For starters, the most important factor to consider when buying a swimsuit is your size. If you find yourself in between sizes, then it’s best to go with the one that will fit better on your chest and waistline. That way you won’t have any trouble adjusting the suit as needed when it arrives at home or on vacation!