7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs

For the majority of people there is nothing more exciting and relaxing than spending some quality time in the peaceful surroundings of the beach. Especially during summers, as summertime is all about vacation & beach parties. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, many beaches all around the world are still closed. However, people can sunbathe while maintaining a safe social distancing on their stoop, fire escape, and backyard porch.

Well, it is quite difficult to relax in the warm sand & bright sun of the breezy beach without using a good beach chair. From camping to different sporting occasions including beach volleyball and soccer, the best beach chair has a lot to offer such as auto-reclining designs, corrosion-resistant coating, & supportive headrest for all those who love spending some quality time in outdoor settings.

7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs

But, what about the best beach chair for plus size? This question is quite common among people with plus size who really want to enjoy at the beach without getting worried about their weight. Finding the best beach chair for plus size can be a tiring task due to the availability of numerous options. Apart from this, just imagine getting a beach chair with a canopy to block all the heat & brightness of the sun in order to enjoy themselves at the peaceful environment of the beach.

To fully immerse in the experience, enjoyment, & serenity of the beach, it is important to get the best plus size beach chair with a canopy. Because, getting a plus size beach chair with a canopy is always the best deal when it comes to enjoying beach time to its fullest. So, if readers really want to learn more about the best plus size beach chair, then continue reading the article.

What are the Different Kinds of Beach Chairs?

Usually, the beach chairs fall into the following categories:

  • High & low profile beach chairs
  • Kids beach chairs
  • Beach loungers
  • Inflatable beach chairs
  • Folding beach chairs
  • Padded chairs
  • Beach chair with canopy
  • Reclining beach chair
  • Lay-flat chair

Each type of beach chair has its own pros & cons and serves a different purpose. People can select the beach chair depending upon their personal preferences & needs.

Do Beach Chairs for Plus Size have Any Weight Limit?

Well, the answer is yes, in fact every beach chair irrespective of its type comes with a maximum weight limit. The weight range can be anywhere between 250-500 pounds but, usually it depends upon the frame and seat quality. Therefore, it is advised to check the provided maximum weight range beforehand because exceeding this range could cause harm.

Why do Heavy Persons Should Consider Buying the Best Plus Size Beach Chair?

Because the regular beach chair is not designed for heavy people.  The majority of chairs offer a weight range anywhere between 250 pounds. Therefore, these beach chairs are not suitable for people weighing over 300 pounds. Better to go with a beach chair can easily support the weight.

Reviewed: 7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs

Reviewed: 7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs

As mentioned earlier, plus size beach chairs with canopies are considered an important part of any beach trip. A good beach chair has to be durable, comfortable, stylish, and functional as a great quality beach chair is surely a nifty investment to make beach time more enjoyable. Due to the wide range of designs currently available, there is a beach chair in order to suit every need and taste including the beach chair for plus size. Keeping this in mind, this guide has compiled a complete list of top-selling products to ensure the best & safest buying decision.

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 17 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 2

This product comes under the category of the best plus size beach chairs due to being extremely sturdy and lightweight. With a corrosion resistant aluminum frame & 600d polyester fabric, the Tommy Bahama beach chair is especially designed to last longer. The most noticeable feature is that the beach chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds thus, considered perfect for heavy persons.

It is worth sharing that the Tommy Bahama beach chair looks great along with many tropical patterns and colors to choose from, such as blue and solid orange with palm frond, windsurfer, and pineapple prints. Additionally, this beach chair for plus size is also jam-packed with many handy add-ons including 2 huge storage compartments, molded armrest, and folding towel bar. This beach chair is easily foldable with embellished shoulder straps & rubber carry handles.

  • Lightweight aluminum beach chair
  • Reclines to 5 different position
  • Very durable
  • Zippered compartments for storage
  • Adjustable pillow
  • Bit costly, but give the best value for money
  • Seat & back are bit stiff

User Experience:

The majority of beach lovers are happy and satisfied with the quality and features of Tommy Bahama beach chair. According to them, this chair is a perfect choice when it comes to a long relaxing day at the beach. Many users have commented that the chair is well-built & stylish with the added storage compartments.

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 37 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 4

Another highly recommended chair for all those who love to spend some quality time at beaches but are a bit worried due to being oversized. It comes with the foldable footrest in order to let people lay back easily while kicking their feet up to enjoy the leisure time. The best thing is that, people are capable of rolling out the canopy to protect the skin from harmful UVB/UVA rays.  The sport-brella beach chair is all about functionality as it allows people to get complete access to everything they want straight from this chair.

Furthermore, the canopy has a three-way swivel & metallic undercoating to ensure great UPF 50+ protection along with the safety tips especially to protect the eyes. In-built insulated pocket, storage pocket for holding upto four drinks, and cup holder are also included so that beach lovers will always be ready to crack the cold one. In short, the Sport-Brella recliner chair is surely a great pick as it is made of very strong & lightweight steel material and can hold up to 250-280 pounds.

  • Strong and lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Give great comfort
  • Long-lasting
  • Lots of storage capacity
  • Canopy is adjustable
  • Canopy might be a little flimsy

User Experience:

According to the customers, this is the best chair when it comes to longevity, portability, canopy, and comfort. Many people have recommended the Sport-Brella recliner chair due to in-built canopy & the convenience against UVA rays. Overall, this chair is quite famous among beach avid due to being well-made, sturdy, versatile, and most importantly extremely comfortable.

Coleman Oversized Chair

7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 57 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 6

This chair is considered a perfect and versatile option for beach parties, picnics, camping, & much more. Here, I would like to mention that Coleman Oversized chair is quite pocket-friendly as compared to other available options. People can easily fold the chair into a compact size in order to carry it all around. In order to ensure comfort and safety, the Coleman chair is made from top-quality materials. However, there might be a chance of corrosion if people expose the chair to water too much.

The Coleman oversized chair is also convenient when it comes to sitting peacefully in a relaxing position. Likewise, there is complete support because of maximum height & the chair’s armrests can easily be adjusted & padded for extravagance. This chair also features a completely cushioned seat & back for added comfort. It also comes with in-built accessories such as side pouch, cooler, and cup holder. Even though the cooler has a small size, it is still of utmost convenience.

  • In-built 4-can cooler
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Fully cushioned back and seat
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Very well-made & easy to transport
  • Few customers have faced some quality issues, else perfect

User Experience:

Many customers are happy with the quality of this product. According to them, they truly love these generously sized chairs. The Coleman oversized chair unfolded & folded easily. Few buyers have commented that the chair is comfortable and wide along with a thinly padded seat back and seat. Highly recommended

ALPS Mountaineering Chair 

7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 77 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 8

This beach chair is especially designed for oversized people with a weight capacity of around 800 Ibs due to its original power-coated steel frame. It simply means that the ALPS mountaineering chair is capable of accommodating every plus-sized person. Now, people can have unlimited fun at their favorite beach irrespective of their weight. In order to ensure comfort, the ALPS mountaineering chair also comes with adjustable armrests.

As compared to other beach chairs, people can easily adjust the armrests of chairs until they find their sweet spot. For easy transport and storage, the chair has a dense foldable design. Moreover, the back pocket of the chair acts as additional storage where people can store a carry bag & other important items. The chair’s back pocket is also made of mesh for keeping it aerated. The ALPS chair for oversized persons gives the great balance between comfort and durability.

  • Sturdy frame
  • Gives comfort and stability
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Convenient shoulder carry bag
  • Heavy-duty and portable
  • 800 pounds weight capacity
  • Material is not UV resistant

User Experience:

According to the happy customers, this beach chair for plus size always brings comfort and support wherever it goes. Some other buyers have mentioned that they can take this amazing chair anywhere with them while knowing that there is a comfortable place to sit wherever we are. In short, the ALPS mountaineering chair gives the best value for money.

Kijaro XXL Portable Chair

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This product is exactly the same as its names suggest, a comfortable and huge folding beach and camping chair along with a superb 400-Lbs capacity & attractive design that has a locking mechanism. It is worth sharing that this specified product comes under the category of folding chairs & this simply indicates zero assembly. The dimensions of the Kijaro portable chair are perfect thus, making it a highly recommended option for big & heavy persons.

The frame of this chair is made of steel along with diagonal support bars & strong construction. The best thing is that, the fabric is extremely durable i.e. Ripstop polyester & prospective buyers have at least seven beautiful colors to choose from with some minor differences in price range.  It is worth noticing that the Kijaro chair is without padding, so it is all about mesh with great breathability. The chair has 2 cup holders, an organizer pouch with zip, & carry bag.

  • Amazing armrest design
  • Extremely comfortable and stable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable with superb quality
  • Looks great with locking mechanism
  • A little heavy

User Experience:

Many beach avids have purchased the Kijaro portable chair & according to them it is very difficult to get any genuine objection to this amazing chair. Few users have mentioned that if weight is accepted as a feature behind its superb stability and comfort, then no doubt it is a premium-quality item that is good for several outdoor activities.

Caravan Sports Oversized Chair

7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 117 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 12

Another incredible chair that gives the utmost portable comfort and support, the Caravan oversized chair is surely a way to go when it comes to the best beach chair for plus size. The new & improved locking mechanism of the chair allows people to lock it in the desired position along with an adjusted headrest for added comfort. People only have to assume their desired position while putting the fingers on its lock & pull in the right direction of the ground. 

It is vital to mention that this oversized chair is considered best for beach, backyard, & sporting events. Moreover, the chair is wide enough to let people feel more comfortable and safe while resting on it. The Caravan oversized chair is made of top-quality textilene material so it will long longer and the frame includes powder coated steel to give extra strength. The chair is portable as well so people will be capable of carrying it all around.

  • Available in different colors and styles
  • Durable construction
  • 330 Ibs weight capacity
  • Durable and long-lasting outdoor fabric
  • Easy to transport
  • Footrest cushioning needs improvement

User Experience:

According to the buyers, it is a very strong and comfortable oversized chair that folds & unfolds in a few seconds. Some customers have mentioned that this oversized product offers plenty of room for heavy persons. It is great for sitting up or even lying back in the zero gravity position.


7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 137 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs 14

I guess that there is nothing more exciting than enjoying some peaceful time on the beach especially in summers while sitting on a comfortable and durable beach chair with a canopy. With an in-built canopy to give cool and soothing shade, the ALPHA Camp chair is a perfect way of relaxing & unwinding on the beach vacation. The chair is built durably however, is lightweight enough to ensure portability.

Furthermore, the seat of ALPHA Camp chair is oversized for added comfort & comes with fixed height design. It also has a covered mesh back that is not only durable but also moisture-wicking and breathable to let people feel more comfortable while sitting on the chair for a long time. The padded armrests make people feel more secure as they relax in this premium-quality plus size beach chair with canopy. To ensure great weight handling capacity, the ALPHA camp chair also gives additional supporting tubes at its bottom.

  • Durable and heavy-duty steel frame
  • Oversized and comfortable
  • Breathable mesh
  • Offer 50+ UPF sun protection
  • Very stable construction
  • For some, the chair is bit heavy

User Experience:

According to the satisfied customers, the ALPHA camp chair is really good due to being strong & convenient. Users have mentioned that the chair can easily hold a person who is over 200 pounds thus, a highly recommended product for plus sized. The chair is also comfortable, easy to open and close.

Buying Guide: 7 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs

Beach chairs for plus size are especially designed for tall and heavy persons. So, all those who have been looking for the best beach chairs for plus size but having some difficulty while deciding what to purchase? Well, it might be hard to select the right one due to so many options available out there. But don’t worry this section will help prospective buyers get their hands on the best plus size beach chairs.

What should be considered While Buying the Best Beach Chair for Plus Size?

If you are ready to purchase the best plus size beach chair then, it is advised to keep the below-mentioned factors in mind:


No doubt, budget is extremely important, people should not let it take superiority over quality. Well, it is recommended to invest in a premium-quality, durable, and long-lasting beach chair for plus size. Because the money people invest on a well-known brand will surely speak for itself ever since they will be capable of using it for a long, long time. Between quality and budget, always give preference to quality.

Portability & Weight

The portability and weight of a beach chair for plus size is an important factor that decides whether or not a certain product is suitable according to the set standards. Ideally, people want a portable and lightweight beach chair that will be easily unfolded and folded up whenever needed. This will allow people to handle & carry the chair easily during the trip to the beach.


It is worth sharing that the major function of a beach chair for plus size is to let people sit back comfortably in any desired position. The chairs that give adjustability features are always considered perfect as they serve the best purpose for a wide range of applications.  Always go with the beach chair that allows you to customize the preferred sitting positions.


As mentioned earlier, there are numerous beach chairs for plus size out there that begin to fall apart once people unbox them due to the poorly designed joints, cheap Aluminum frame, and badly stitched seat. Therefore, good quality materials are extremely important to enhance the chair’s performance and functionality.


The majority of people love to spend a lot of time in their favorite beach chairs therefore, it is necessary that the material of the plus size beach chair should ensure optimal comfort. And, if people have the plus size beach chair with a canopy, then they should ensure that the canopy is adjustable.

What Type of Plus Size Beach Chair Should Serve the Best Purpose?

Well, the best beach chair for plus size always depends on some important factors including portability and weight. But if people can get near to the beach they might want extra features such as a canopy or pockets to put their belongings. Likewise, people can also opt for the most durable beach chair & put it in the beach wagon or cart.

What Extra Features Should be given with the Best plus Size Beach Chair?

A good quality beach chair must provide a few extras such as:

  • A plus chair beach chair with canopy
  • Drink holder
  • Storage pockets
  • Big wide feet
  • Extra wide chair’s seat
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Cup holders
  • Storage pouches


In the end, it can be concluded that while purchasing your next plus size beach chair, try to do a lot of research in order to get the best one. With several options currently available in the marketplace, people might get very picky & select one with the required features. Bringing the best beach chair for plus size to the beach always makes it very relaxing & fun. With all the different pocket-friendly & feature enriched options, i have reviewed in this article, people can easily get the best plus size beach chair with or without a canopy that fits their requirements and budget as well. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the chair right now & have utmost fun during your next visit to the beach.