Best Belly Band Holsters

This guide is all about helping those who are looking for a good quality belly band holster but are a bit concerned about their weight. In this day & age, it is arguably more important and instructed than ever to buy a durable, premium-quality but quite comfortable belly band holster in order to carry the firearm easily. Well, fat or bigger guys might face few issues when it comes to selecting the right size because not all holsters could work well for everyone.

The majority of people who carry guns, carry them with the customary hip holster. The best and famous way to concealed carry is surely with the IWB holsters, generally worn all around 3-4 o’clock position. Nevertheless, there are circumstances where a customary holder may not serve the best purpose. In this scenario, a belly band holster will make carrying a firearm more convenient.

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No doubt, finding and buying the best belly band holster that fits the body perfectly & does not print through the clothing might be a daunting task. Because the belly band holster gives a more comfortable and easy concealment. Here, I would like to share that a belly band holster is considered a favored and timeless method of concealing a revolver or pistol around the waist, under the shirt. If you are looking for a great belt for fat people which can accompany the holster check the article.

A major problem is deciding on which type of belly band holster will suit the fat guys? Well, I am here to run readers through the best rated belly bands holsters they find in today’s marketplace. Furthermore, the article will look into what actually makes the best belly band holster for fat guys, what types are currently available, & few recommendations of the best belly band holsters for fat guys that don’t fold or slip down while wearing.

What Actually a Belly Band Holster is?

As the name suggests, a belly band holster is a huge elastic belt with an in-built holster that people wear all around the midsection for holding their firearm. Mostly made from elastic or few other durable yet flexible materials such as neoprene, these belly band holsters are especially designed to fit comfortably against the wearer’s body. The purpose of a belly band holster is to let people conceal a gun under their regular clothing.

Belly band holsters can be categorized into the following broad groups:

  • Sporting holsters
  • Concealment holsters
  • Tactical holsters
  • Duty holsters

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Why Consider Buying the Best Rated Belly Band Holster?

It is worth mentioning that the belly band holster gives absolute cover-up of the firearm. This product is also designed in a way to be completely compatible with regular clothing. Apart from this, when it comes to overweight people, the best belly band allow them to try different positioning options to carry firearms. In fact, there are numerous good reasons behind buying the best belly band holster. However, it is advised to do a lot of practice along with other skills that are required to be practiced.

What are the Benefits of Belly Band Holster for Fat Guys?

It is worth sharing that there are several reasons behind selecting a belly band holster including the following:


As belly band holsters features a slim and stretchy profile, they are very comfortable and easy to wear against the skin & under clothing as compared to other kind of holsters. Several belly band holsters are made from breathable materials as well in order to make them perfect to use in extreme weather conditions.


The majority of belly bands can easily hold guns of all sizes and shapes as they are made from stretchable materials. They also let people carry the gun in different positions, in other words people can customize the carry options depending upon a certain situation.


A good-quality belly band holster keeps the firearm tighter against the body. The utmost purpose is to conceal both the holster and weapon under the regular clothing.


The purpose of the best-rated belly band holster for fat guys is to ensure utmost protection to weapons. Undoubtedly, this is the most important benefit of buying a holster as it will keep the gun from breaking or other potential harm. Likewise, the best belly band holster will feel quite comfortable against the skin while protecting the wearer from any scratches and bruises.

Reviewed: 6 Best Belly Band Holsters for Fat Guys

A responsible and well-informed gun owner can truly understand the importance of hiding the weapon to ensure maximum safety and protection. A belly band holster that can be concealed easily while being safe and comfortable is highly recommended. Moreover, belly band holsters for fat guys that don’t fold or slip down while wearing might look a little weird to the bone but no doubt, they are extremely practical and comfortable.

1. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster 

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The 1st product on this list is offered by ComfortTac & has been especially designed for fat guys to conceal the firearm quite well. Before moving ahead, I would like to mention that ComfortTac always designs the most practical and comfortable belly band holsters to cater to the needs of gun owners. This product is considered as the perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, & protected concealed carry. The ComfortTac belly band holster surely ranks higher when it comes to safety & comfort.

number 1 choice of belly band holster

It is made from breathable and stretchable material namely, Neoprene thus, this belly band holster will not pull or pinch when people wear it against their skin.  This amazing surgical grade elastic holster is also compatible with compact, subcompact, & even full size revolvers and pistols. Even though it has only 1 size but due to its versatility users can easily adjust the strap whenever required. This belly band holster can stretch up to a 54” waist thus, highly recommended for fat guys.


  • Best for both right and left-handed users
  • Offers utmost comfort
  • Highly effective
  • Capable of concealing all kinds of firearms securely
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Powerful retention support


  • Storage pouches are small to keep magazines safely

User Experience

The majority of customers are truly happy and impressed with the quality of ComfortTac belly band holster. Many users have mentioned that this product is best for both women and men who conceal carry often. Few buyers have said that the ComfortTac belly band holster is comfortable, adjustable, & highly versatile. 

2. Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster

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It is a great belly band holster that is perfect for right hander gun owners. In fact, the Ghost concealment belly band holster fits any size and offers quick, safe, & easy gun release as the release has simply been placed directly over the barrel in order to ensure easier and quicker gun release. Furthermore, the Ghost Concealment belly band holster is quite famous among fat guys as it accommodates the larger waistline comfortably as compared to other high-end belly bands.

number 2 choice of belly band holster

This best-rated belly band holster can go up to 40” to 55” across while providing carrying positions in different draw styles including outside or inside waistband, behind hips, at the appendix, and shoulders. The belly band holster is also made of an extremely comfortable neoprene to ensure sweat resistance. Moreover, the button straps for the magazine and firearm always add much-needed security in order to fit perfectly while ensuring that nothing will fall outs accidentally.


  • Best for overweight guys
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Fits pistol of any size
  • Different carry options
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Give the best value for money


  • Buttons might not be very durable

User Experience:

According to the happy customers, this belly band holster is very comfortable and feels quite secure while it’s one. Many buyers have commended that they have tried numerous holsters over the years but Ghost concealment belly band holsters always exceed their expectations. This amazing belly band holster conceals pretty well depending upon the types of clothes.

3. AlphaHolster Belly Band Holster

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Another comfortable, secure, and durable belly band holster that is designed to cater to the needs of fat guys, the AlphaHolster is capable of holding the concealed firearm easily and securely. Simple, smooth, and multipurpose, this incredible belly band holster is quite famous among gun owners. And no doubt, the fact that this product is very pocket-friendly always makes it a highly recommended and way to go option. This belly band holster features an ambidextrous design to let gun owners use it easily on both sides of their bellies.

Made of breathable and lightweight elastic, the AlphaHolster belly band is 100% toxic thus, it is considered good for those who have sensitive skins or even allergies. The simple and functional design of this belly band accommodates both right and left handed shooters & allows them to carry their weapons in just about any position they find comfortable. It does not matter whether you prefer hip carry, appendix carry or even small of your back because the AlphaHolster belly band can easily be adjusted to fit the preferred position.


  • Fit all revolvers and guns
  • Durable and flexible
  •  Ambidextrous
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Secure and strong retention
  • Can easily be worn in various positions


  • Not good for sensitive skin
  • Might need few adjustments in order to fit the wearer’s body correctly

User Experience:

Many buyers have commented that one major thing they have noticed is that the price range of AlphaHolster belly band is surprisingly cheap for what they are getting. According to them, it is a great value product that every gun owner should consider buying. Another noticeable feature is that this belly band holster can be worn in numerous positions.

4. KAYLLE XL Belly Band Holster

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This also comes under the category of the best belly band holsters for fat guys & is considered an ambidextrous belly bands with a bit larger maximum size & comfortable material. It is vital to mention that KAYLLE belly band holster is made from the most comfortable and flexible neoprene currently available in the marketplace that can stretch easily in order to accommodate waist size around 55”.  Additionally, it has a good magnetic strap for increasing the firearm’s security & no doubt, it is an amazing innovation.

Gun owners can wear KAYLEE belly band holsters with any type of shorts, leggings, pants, & even clothes without showing the gun marks. This belly band holster is comfortable, lightweight, well-ventilated, and anti-sweat to let people wear it directly against the skin. It is worth sharing that the retention strap of the belly band uses the premium-quality magnetic strap rather than metal snap or metal clip fastener for a quiet and quick draw using only 1 hand.  The added pouch is a cool addition even though it is surely sized for mobile phones rather than spare magazines.


  • Thick yet comfortable
  • One size for all
  • Made of good quality materials
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Magnetic strap to ensure safety


  • Cell phone pouch is not large enough
  • Magnetic straps are not adjustable 

User Experience:

According to the buyers, the product is exactly the same as advertised while being well-made and well-designed. Other happy customers have commented that the KAYLEE belly band holster is super comfortable & holds the firearm securely. Moreover, the KAYLEE belly band is just perfect, fits well and never slide off the belly thus, a recommended product for fat guys.

Fullmosa Belly Band Holster 

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Before moving ahead, I would like to mention that this is the 1st belly band holster I have viewed that truly features few set sizes. In short, the Fullmosa belly band is available in different sizes. So, this product could be a great option if gun owners are either larger or smaller than an average man around the belly. However, keeping the topic in mind, the Fullmosa belly band holster will serve the best purpose for fat guys as it can accommodate the waist sizes up to 58” around the belly.

Additionally, this incredible belly band holster has a smart design where people can easily hold up to 3 small, compact, subcompact or even medium-sized revolvers and pistols. The product offers left, right, & backhand pull holstering positions. Users can get a wide 4 magazine storage spaces & a pocket in order to store phone, cash, or wallet.  The Fullmosa belly band holster is made from elastic mesh fabric thus, very lightweight and breathable.


  • Different sizing options
  • Anti-sweat and breathable
  • Flexible carry positions
  • Designed for both women and men
  • Ambidextrous
  • Extremely elastic holster


  • Might not good for sport activities

User Experience:

The majority of gun owners are happy with the performance and quality of Fullmosa belly band holster. According to them, it is a sturdy & well-made belly band that is built for both right and left handed firers. Other buyers have mentioned that it is an excellent product & fit for the purpose.

Thunderbolt XL Belly Band Holster

Best Belly Band Holsters 12Best Belly Band Holsters 13

The last product on this list is offered by Thunderbolt and due to being comfortable, this belly band holster is extremely famous among gun owners. This wonderful belly band holster is meant to be worn around the waist but, in the traditional belly band way. Likewise, it is available for fat guys who have the waists around 50”.

As mentioned earlier, the Thunderbolt belly band holster is designed to be worn in different position; however, the wearer’s mileage might vary. It is vital to share that the belly band holster offers ample storage, with 2 additional magazine pouches that are directly located in front of the pistol & a mobile phone pouch behind it. Well, while there are flexible pouches & give the required retention level they do not have straps therefore, it is advised to be very cautious while running.


  • Comfortable and soft
  • Excellent retention
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Quick & quiet draw
  • Highly versatile
  • Work as advertised


  • The cant is not adjustable

User Experience:

According to the buyers, the Thunderbolt belly band holster is a highly recommended product for fat guys, Very comfortable & fit well. Many users have loved the idea of 2 additional slots. Extremely comfortable to wear & easy to conceal. In short, the product works perfectly for the intended purpose.

Buying Guide: 6 Best Belly Band Holsters for Fat Guys

So, in this section I am going to share some valuable information to help prospective buyers make a wise decision because just reading the reviews of best-rated belly band holsters for fat guys is not enough. Some other factors matter a lot that should be given due attention during the whole process of buying.

How to Select the Best Belly Band Holster for Fat Guys?

In order to find the best-rated belly band holster for fat guys, people should consider some important factors & trust me, they are all very critical. Belly band holster is not easy to purchase because there are numerous factors to take into consideration including the following:

Comfort and Material

Many belly band holsters are made of premium-quality spandex & some other flexible materials.  It is advised to check the material beforehand to ensure utmost comfort. Always remember that belly band holsters made of bad quality materials can cause extreme itchiness and discomfort.


Gun owners should know a few important gun retention tactics to ensure the security of their weapons. The best rated belly band holster must have retention devices in order to prevent the stealing of weapons. Moreover, a belly band holster with great retention is surely helpful when people do some physical activities including hiking or running.


The majority of belly band holsters are perfect for different kinds of weapons. But, still every firearm has its own size, weight, and power & people have to ensure that their holster can accommodate the gun easily so it will not move or wobble.


If people cannot draw their guns the moment they are threatened & they feel the need to, then no doubt a belly band holster is a bulky accessory. People should consider buying a belly band holster that can give them easy accessibility without any issues.


It is a well-accepted fact that belly band holsters are meant for concealed carry, so it is important that they must be capable of hiding the firearm perfectly.

Is Belly Band Holster Comfortable for Fat Guys as Well?

Due to the number of available options, the belly band holsters are considered extremely comfortable for fat guys. It can easily be worn to accommodate the waist of any size.

Is Belly Band Holster Good for Single -Handed Holstering?

Well, the answer is no, the belly band holster is not suitable for single handed holstering & this is their major disadvantage.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it can be concluded that finding the best belly band holster for fat guys might be hard. I know that there are several factors that prospective buyers have to think about when it comes to making an informed decision. It is worth mentioning that the best belly band holster is good at its absolute best. Although, everybody has its own set of requirements, recommending one might be unfair. But, no doubt all the above-reviewed belly band holsters for fat guys are highly recommended. Moreover, the belly band holster has to be a highly convenient, adjustable, lightweight, & comfortable option to carry a concealed weapon. I have tried to include the best-rated variety that will surely suit overweight female and male shooters & gun owners.