Heavy Duty Toilet Seat

One of the biggest problems for fat people when they go to washroom is the size of the toilet seat, it is such an annoying time when you sit there waiting just to finish your job and get up. To solve this issue and make that time a pleasant one, we have a list of those seats which are not only durable but comfortable as well. and without further ado, let’s start.

Usually, heavy-duty toilet seats are recommended for heavy persons along with other heavy-duty versions of the basic household items including durable bathroom scales & large furniture with wide and robust recliners.

One of the biggest problems for fat people is that they have to have custom products like heavy duty chairs and heavy duty mattresses or any other thing, same thing applies, to the toilet seats.

Here, I would like to mention that most of the times regular sized toilet seats are not quite comfortable for obese people. So, in order to make things easy for them, I have researched the marketplace & shortlisted the following 5 top-rated heavy-duty toilet seats on the basis of stability, comfort, build quality, & style.

What is the Best & Robust Material for a Heavy Duty Toilet Seat?

Even though there are various types of materials when it comes to toilet seats, the ones with wonderful quality might be a handful, Duroplast is an excellent & durable material as it can easily withstand harsh toilet cleaning chemicals. Another noticeable benefit of this particular material is that it always helps people maintain & keep their bathroom neat.

Do Toilet Seats Come with any Weight Limit?

In spite of the weight limit of different people, the normal weight range for the toilet seat is somewhere around 300 Ibs. As prospective buyers pay attention to the weight capacity, it is important to maintain the seats as well to ensure durability & long-lasting performance.

Heavy Duty Toilet Seat

Is Plastic or Wood Better for Toilet Seat?

Selecting a plastic vs. wood toilet seat is just a matter of personal preferences. It is worth sharing that wood toilet seats usually stay warmer & are extremely comfortable however, can be difficult to maintain and clean. Whereas, plastic toilet seats are easy to clean & are quite versatile but might be uncomfortable particularly in winters.

How Often One Should Replace the Toilet Seat?

Normally, toilet seats can last for around 5 years therefore, it can be said that thes one should replace the toilet seats after every 5 to 7 years. However, exactly how long a toilet seat will last always depends upon the material used, the installation quality and how frequently it is used.

Reviewed: Heavy Duty Toilet Seats

The best heavy-duty toilet seats are usually purpose built with comfort and support in mind. Well, they might look like an average toilet seat but they have the construction features & slew of design that can make a lot of difference whenever nature calls. In short, the following products are exactly what the heavy person needs.

Reviewed: Heavy Duty Toilet Seats

Big John Toilet Seat Review

Heavy Duty Toilet Seat 1Heavy Duty Toilet Seat 2

A worth buying heavy duty toilet seat that is well-made, easy to install, and attractive as well. The split front is a superb idea to make hygiene convenient. In fact, this particular toilet seat has solved all the issues of wiggly or broken toilet seats. It offers much more support as compared to other high end toilet seats. The best thing is that the metal hinges are easily adjustable to exactly fit any toilet.

Aesthetically, it looks like a simple, oversized toilet seat & this may annoy all those who prefer stylish seats. The seat is very sturdy & does not move at all.  No doubt, as compared to many ADA compliant raised toilet seats, this one is more costly however, worth every penny spent. The only downside is related to the chrome hardware attachment that does not stay shiny and smooth but not a big deal.

Big John Toilet Seat Review


  • Comfortable and functional
  • Easy to install
  • Very sturdy
  • ADA complaint
  • 19” wide


  • 2” gap once lid is closed

BEMIS 1000CPT Toilet Seat

Heavy Duty Toilet Seat 3Heavy Duty Toilet Seat 4

A highly recommended product for those who are tired of toilet seats that break, slide around, pinch, and are made with low-quality plastic hardware. The BEMIS toilet seat is surely a solid thing while being incredibly comfortable. The seat is a total game changer, it is sturdy, wide and does not budge a millimeter whenever moved into a position to use the bidet. The noticeable feature is that it is very easy to install with simple directions for newbies.

All they need is an adjustable wrench. Moreover, the seat has a great finish with a lovely white color. Due to being wider, it will give a very comfortable bathroom experience to heavy people. No doubt, the seat is great and heavy duty, the only problem is that it developed cracks easily which do not go all the way through.

BEMIS 1000CPT Toilet Seat

For the price, this toilet seat can’t be beat. I ordered the white one and it matches perfectly. It came with plastic installation screws that match the natural color of the seat. The seat fits standard round bowls nicely with a slight overhang at the front (which is good – see last photo). This product boasts rounded edges that are pleasurable for comfortable sitting in comparison to some other products in its price range that look similar but have slightly sharper edges to them.


  • Can hold upto 1,000 Ibs
  • Super strong & comfortable
  • Works as advertised
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Wider than normal elongated seats


  • The hole is very small

Centoco 700-001 Toilet Seat 

Heavy Duty Toilet Seat 5Heavy Duty Toilet Seat 6

For the price point, this amazing toilet seat cannot be beat. It is comfortable with wonderful rounded edges. This innovative toilet seat does not have any kind of sharp edges to leave lines on the body if someone sits a bit too long, & it is thicker than cheap commode seats. Furthermore, it has 2 hinges that are not connected with each other & I must say that this thing helped to keep the toilet seat steady.

Even though the Centoco seat is especially designed to exceed the edges of the toilet bowl slightly, it is extremely durable. It is surprisingly very shiny & not at all matte. Overall, the seat looks great & is made of premium quality wood along with scrubbable coating. Well, there is a little suggestion for the manufacturers that the packaging has to be improved especially on the hinge corners in order to avoid rough & tough handling.


  • Very well-made
  • Easy to clean & install
  • High end quality
  • Stable with no wiggle
  • Superior fit


  • The bolts loose fairly easily


Heavy Duty Toilet Seat 7Heavy Duty Toilet Seat 8

This is the best and heavy duty toilet seat one can ever own. The quality is great, it is extremely sleek, & smart looking while being quite comfortable. The installation process is simple and very easy. Here, I would like to share that the seat might be plastic and looks weird at first but the construction always feels solid.  Can hold up to 1,000 lb Weight which is amazing.

Moreover, the lid easily covers the seat opening from front to back & overhangs the bowl front just enough to lift the lid comfortably without even touching the toilet bowl. And, I guess it is not easy to get a lid that can do this. With the easy and great back button release feature, you can keep the seat looking clean & pristine. Overall, each and everything about the Bath Royale toilet seat is well-designed and over engineered.


  • Easy to clean
  • No loud slamming
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Has a beautiful and high gloss finish
  • Made of light and non-absorbent plastic


  • Scratches quite easily
  • Not compatible with grab bars, bidets, and risers installed between bowl and seat

MAYFAIR Toilet Seat

Heavy Duty Toilet Seat 9Heavy Duty Toilet Seat 10

The seat is exactly what a heavy person should consider buying. The plastic bolts fit perfectly & are larger than other commonly available toilet seats which made the process of installation easy. It is worth mentioning that if prospective buyers do not want the typical white surface of many toilet seats, the MAYFAIR seat might give them the options they need to get something different for their bathrooms.

The most noticeable feature of this toilet seat is that it comes in a wide range of colorful options with a very affordable price range. Likewise, the buyers can select between a round or elongated shape in order to fit the certain dimensions of their washrooms. Well, the only concern is related to the veneer/paint finish that was worn out after a few months of use on the underside of toilet seat.


  • Removes easily and quickly
  • Fits all around washrooms
  • Easy installation
  • No wiggle
  • Very durable


  • Paint comes off easily

Buying Guide: Heavy Duty Toilet Seats

A neat and clean washroom is considered as the most important facility of an office, hotel, or home. It is necessary to ensure that the toilet gives utmost comfort with the toilet seat being a major determinant factor.

And, it is a well-known fact that one cannot buy any kind of product randomly and the same goes for heavy-duty toilet seats therefore, this part of the article is going to share some worth reading information that should be considered before making a final buying decision.

What Makes the Best Heavy Duty Toilet Seat?

The following factors can enhance the buying decision in selecting the durable and heavy duty toilet seat.


While buying a heavy duty toilet seat, the most significant consideration is the toilet shape. There are 2 common shapes namely elongated and round. Well, round washrooms are usually found in old homes whereas elongated washrooms are more famous with contemporary plumbing fixtures.

Comfort & Stability 

Prospective buyers should consider comfort and stability before getting the right one. The bumpers of the toilet seat are the part of seat that will help anyone to sit comfortably and stability. Heavy duty toilet seat has to remain firm when someone sits on it.


It is vital to mention that toilet seats are normally made of either wood or plastic, & there are pros & cons to both materials. Moreover, plastic toilet seats tend to be light & have a long lifespan whereas wooden toilet seats are heavy and durable.

Hinges Quality:

Cheap brands usually come with low quality plastic hinges with 2 contact points. This is very risky & can cause those hinges to snap into 2 when someone least expects it. On the other hand, well-known and expensive toilet seats always feature pneumatically controlled stainless steel hinges that let slow lowering of a lid section.


This is another great factor that should be considered before selecting the heavy duty seat. Never purchase a toilet seat because it is fanciful or beautiful. It is advised to examine the seat design critically. Select the toilet seat that is well-contoured and ergonomic.

How does someone know that a Selected Toilet Seat will fit His/hers Toilet?

It is important to measure the toilet seat before buying one. Prospective buyers can start by simply measuring the toilet bowl length from the center directly between the mounting bolt holes to an outside edge of  a bowl front. Moreover, the measurements of the round bowl should be 16.5” and the measurements of an elongated bowl should be 18-18.5”.

How to Clean the Toilet Seat?

Water and mild soap are simply the best. In fact, this is a very gentle method & will definitely minimize damage to toilet seat materials. In addition, prospective buyers must remember not to use abrasives such as sandpaper while cleaning their toilets.

Is there a weight limit on normal toilet seats?


There is no such thing as “normal” toilet seat. Every single person who uses a toilet needs something different. Therefore, if you want your toilet seat to last longer then make sure that you select the heaviest model available.


In conclusion, we hope that our guide helped prospective buyers find out what makes the best heavy duty toilet seat. We also recommend them to read through all the above mentioned tips carefully so they could get the perfect choice.

How do I choose between ceramic and porcelain toilet seats?

Ceramic toilet seats are usually cheaper than their porcelain counterparts. They also tend to break less often because they aren’t as brittle. Porcelains are sturdier and will hold up better over time. Hence, most people prefer porcelain toilet seats. However, some people like the look of ceramics more than others. If you’re looking for a unique style, go ahead and buy a ceramic toilet seat.

What’s the difference between a standard toilet seat and a heavy duty toilet seat?

Standard toilet seats weigh about 10 pounds each. A heavy duty toilet seat weighs anywhere from 15 – 20 lbs. In addition, heavy duty models have thicker frames which means they won’t bend easily. Heavy duty toilet seats are designed specifically for heavier users. The extra thickness in these seats helps prevent bending during usage.

Which type of toilet seat is right for me?

The answer depends entirely upon how much pressure you put on your toilet seat every day. For example, if you sit down at work everyday and stand back up after using the restroom, you’ll need a heavy duty toilet seat.

What is the maximum weight that a standard toilet seat can hold?

A: The average adult male weighs around 180 pounds, so if you’re planning on installing one of these toilets yourself, don’t worry too much about how heavy they will get. However, if you plan on having children use the toilet regularly, you may want to invest in an extra strong model.

How do I know which size toilet seat fits my toilet?

A: Most manufacturers provide measurements along with their products, but here are two ways to determine what size seat should

Final Thoughts: Heavy Duty Toilet Seat

In the end, it can be said that with one of the above-reviewed products, it will be easy to transform the traditional toilet seat into a fixture that is safe and comfortable to use. Special thanks to the premium quality materials & careful engineering, most toilet seats can easily support upto 1,000 Ibs without any problems whatsoever.

Furthermore, from the above-discussion, it can be concluded that the best heavy duty toilet seat should be supportive and comfortable, stable on a toilet bowl, & maybe be quite raised to allow for easy sitting & standing. Hopefully, the provided selection of the heavy duty toilet seat options will surely help buyers get the right product for their daily washroom routine