Canes with Seats for Obese

If a person is overweight, they know that excess weight can cause muscle strain and weaken the knee joint. What’s more, there’s only one solution to this problem – to find a mobility product that’ll reduce the pressure on your lower body. There are many options out there such as plus-size leg braces or bariatric walkers, but the best solution I’ve found so far seems to be heavy duty canes with seats for obese people. Let me review and show you the best heavy duty walking canes.

If you are among those who need a premium quality cane to get around easily, then you have come to the right place. It is important to mention that there is a huge difference between a standard walking stick & a walking cane with a seat. It is one of the mobility aids which obese people need to have in their arsenal.

There are always new developments helping obese with balance issues & walking cane with seat is not an exception. All of the 5 below-reviewed products are especially designed for overweight persons because a walking cane with a seat is considered a good investment for them. So, if this sounds like something that can help you then, keep on reading.

Best Heavy Duty Walking Cane With Seat

Why An Obese Person Should Get a Cane with Seat?

Basically, a heavy-duty and durable walking stick seat is called a walking cane with a seat. Once folded, this gives required support, & when open, a folding seat cane becomes an extremely comfortable and safe seat where an obese person can easily sit & relax. Nowadays, canes with seats are very famous due to their unique features. The good quality cane with seat offers the following benefits:

  • Safe and comfortable for heavy people
  • Give support & reduce strain on the back and legs
  • Provide stability while walking
  • Help an obese person to maintain his independence
  • It lowers the risks of serious injuries

Reviewed: Canes with Seats for Obese

The basic idea behind canes with seats is quite simple, some people cannot walk easily for long distances due to being overweight. An in-built place to have some rest is surely a wonderful and cost-effective solution. Well, without any further ado, prospective buyers can consider the following top choices when it comes to the best canes with seats.

Switch Sticks Cane

I am fairly young to have a cane but I love my Switch Stick. I can fold it up when I’m out with friends so hopefully no one will see it. Sturdy, lightweight. The handle is very comfy, though it might get tiring for the hands after excessive use. The handle has some bumps and scratches, but I don’t think that’s that big of a problem. I can just use a permanent marker to fix it. I’m going to buy another style!

This perfect combination of seat and cane will definitely help increase the confidence of an obese person by allowing him/her to go out on long distance walks without any issue. In short, this is a nifty product which works as a cane in order to stabilize your walking & can easily be converted into a seat whenever needed.

Moreover, it is very lightweight yet strong enough to hold more than 250 Ibs. The packaging is great, and the plastic bag that comes with Switch Sticks cane can hold it well, the cane unfolds instantly & snaps into position when you take it out of its bag. Here, I would like to share that always point it downwards, not upward. So, all those who are looking for a heavy-duty cane with plenty of design and color options, they cannot go wrong with a Switch Sticks cane with a seat.


  • Made of strong Aluminum
  • Smooth grip handle
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Well-made & well-designed


  • The restraining Velcro strap is not effective

Drive Medical Cane

I was looking for a cane that could be used to rest on when I need to take a break and this cane with seat is exactly what I was looking for. The cane with seat is designed to be sturdy and comfortable, providing a sturdy seat to rest on when open. It’s also designed to be light and easy to carry around with you, which is perfect for when you need to take a quick break.

This cane with a seat definitely fits the bill, it is as compact and light as advertised. If any obese person is going somewhere, or even waiting in a line & seating is not a sure thing then, Drive Medical cane will help. It is not heavy, & opens up very easily.  Furthermore, it provides required balance while walking & a comfortable place to sit whenever you need a break.

The best thing about this cane is that it is adjustable, so can easily be raised to the desired position for seating & lowered down to the suitable level for use as a cane. However, the seat is quite small & somewhat unstable that’s why be careful while sitting on it.  Else, it is relatively stable provided that users do not try to lean back or even assume positions they normally do on regular chairs.


  • Made with sturdy aluminum
  • Strong and stable legs
  • Stylish
  • Can hold upto 250 Ibs
  • Adjustable height


  • Seat is too small

Mac Sports Cane

Probably the most useful & frequently used item, one can ever purchase. As compared to other folding canes with seats, the Mac Sports can has four legs, not only 3 & this feature makes it more stable. I would like to share that this tool can be used as a hiking/walking stick & is extremely useful when someone wants to sit in a peaceful place for a while. Furthermore, it is very lightweight & can easily be carried on shoulders.

While on the other hand, the handle could be more ergonomic and I would suggest using the Mac Sports cane on hard surfaces. Moreover, the cane does fold up easily but the strap that is used to hold the cane together can be a little fiddly to work with. Else everything is perfect and it can be taken as a good alternative to the large walker style seat.


  • No assembly required
  • Made of durable material
  • Travel friendly
  • Removable cane tip
  • Easy to carry & use


  • A bit expensive

Travelon Cane

This has been an amazing tool to help anyone with weight issues. This cane is simply terrific as it gives you a place to sit & get some relief while helping maintain the balance. Moreover, this cane with seat is lightweight, sturdy, & a lifesaver for a heavy person who is suffering from back issues as well. The cane handle fits over the arm easily & it is remarkably light.

It is worth mentioning that this is a quality built product with a decent weight capacity, & the tips on cane’s feet are of same quality rubber that buyers can find on crutch ends. No doubt, the build is solid enough however, for an elderly obese person the lack of backrest while seated might be an issue. An adjustable base would also be great. On the whole, it is highly recommended when it comes to making mobility safe and easy.


  • Lightweight & sturdy
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Provide stability
  • Support upto 250 Ibs
  • Padded handle


  • No adjustable so, a taller person might find it inappropriate

BSROZKI Walking Cane

This came in handy for both obese men and women, easy to handle & setup. The way it is designed & constructed allows a heavy person to sit on it easily anywhere because it is extremely say to carry around. After looking at the features of this product, it can be said that BSROZKI brand couples up as a great folding cane seat with a durable, lightweight yet heavy-duty construction of high-grade, robust, & thick aluminum.

However, I would like say that read the instructions carefully & sit the way it says to & there will be no issues. It comes with some free accessories that are wonderful. Well, the seat of this cane is small but provide enough surface area while being very sturdy on solid surfaces. Truly loved the provided extra clip for holding the legs in place.


  • Multipurpose
  • High quality rubber tips
  • Durable, comfortable, and lightweight
  • Very well-made
  • Adjustable design


  • Seat is small

Buying Guide: Canes with Seats for Obese

Buying Guide: Canes with Seats for Obese

The growing rate of obesity simply means that more people are now using different mobility devices including grab bars, and canes & at a very young age. A good quality cane with seat is proven to be best for obese persons with mobility problems. There are numerous options out there and thus, selecting the right one is quite tough. Hopefully, the above-reviewed products will help buyers make an informed decision. However, it is equally important to consider some other factors apart from just reading the reviews.

What Makes the Best Cane with Seat for Obese?

It is advised that never go to the market without getting proper information otherwise, you might end up buying a non-functional or flimsy cane with a seat. In order to avoid such disappointment, consider the following factors.


Whenever you consider buying a cane with a seat while being overweight, it is better to get one that features durable, sturdy, and strong materials to ensure maximum strength, stability, & long-lasting usage. Select one that has lightweight yet durable steel & aluminum seats to ensure maximum comfort.


Well, handles might not seem like a big problem when it comes to a cane with a seat however, this is the part that a person will be grasping all the time as he/she walks around. Therefore, try to get one that is soft & fits perfectly in the hands.

Height & Adjustability

It is worth sharing that both the height of a cane & its seat are important. If it is difficult for a person to get up & down out of a seat as it is extremely low then, it will put more pressure on the knees and back. It is advised to pick a cane that has an adjustable seat.

Weight Capacity

Last but not least, pay attention to the cane’s weight capacity, in order to get the right fit.

Who Should Never Use a Cane with Seat?

While a cane with seat always come in handy to obese or overweight persons, not everybody should use it. It is important to mention that if anyone has severe balance problems, I do not really suggest using a cane with a seat. Well, no doubt it can give stability however, it might not be enough. Moreover, a cane with a seat can be very challenging to use while going up or down. It is better to use the quad canes to enjoy improved mobility and flexibility while walking.

Apart from this, the canes with seats cannot handle heavy loads. It means that a person who weighs more than 400 Ibs, should consider buying another type of cane for instance, bariatric cane.

What are the Different Kinds of Canes?

The type of cane that prospective buyers select will surely be of equal importance because it plays an important role in supporting them based on their health conditions. Mainly, there are 4 kinds of canes & every cane serves its own purpose.

  • Folding canes
  • Straight canes
  • Quad canes
  • Offset canes

Important Note:

While Searching for the Canes with Seats for obese, pay attention to the following:

  • Is the artistic style of the selected canine really important to you?
  • How often or how long will the cane be used?
  • Will a seat be helpful?
  • Is it important for the cane with the seat to be weather resistant?

How an Obese Person can Measure for a Cane with Seat?

Getting the right fit for the cane is crucial. A poorly sized cane will affect the balance or even cause an obese person to exert excessive energy while using it. So, in order to measure for the right fit, an overweight person should wear his normal walking shoes & stand with his arm relaxed at his sides. The elbows should be bent naturally and comfortably at approximately 15-20 degrees. It is advised to measure distance ranging from the floor to a person’s wrist.

Are 2 in one cane with seat comfortable for obese people?

The 2 in one cane with seat is perfect for people who require assistance. It can be used as a cane or as a seat and is very comfortable to use.

Obese people often find it difficult to walk long distances. This is because of the strain that it places on the lower back and hips. There are a few different types of mobility devices that can help them walk more comfortably. One form of mobility device is a cane with a seat on the end of it.

Is opening and closing the cane simple?

If you’re reading this, then you’re no stranger to the practice of opening and closing a cane. Whether you’re self taught or you’ve gotten lessons from an expert, the moves are relatively simple to execute. However, executing them correctly is another matter. It takes a lot of time and patience to be able to execute them well. You’ll be tempted to rush through it or do it improperly, but if you want to be the best you can be, you’ll need to devote time to practice.

Is a walker better than a cane?

A walker is great for helping you walk, but it may not be your best option. Walkers are quite rigid, which can cause problems when you’re trying to walk over uneven terrain. A cane is a bit more flexible, but it’s also designed for people to walk with.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it can be concluded that canes with seats for obese are considered the best way of getting a quick yet much needed break. They come in different types so, it simply means that there are several options out there that can easily fit every obese person’s needs. The above-shared information will surely help prospective buyers to find the premium-quality product currently available in the market. Consider all the important factors & make a wise decision.