Big and Tall Backpacks

If you are tall & big then, the standard backpack could be a problem. Because being a big & tall person, it is important to pick a backpack that fits you perfectly & one that is comfortable, spacious, & durable. Unfortunately, such backpacks for tall & big are rare. But as a big & tall person myself, I can truly understand the fuss behind therefore, I am going to review five of the best backpacks on the basis of quality, capacity, internal frame, and suspension system that will serve the purpose for big and tall guys.

Big and Tall Backpacks

Why only a Backpack vs. Standard Bag?

Because backpacks give more mobility. But depending upon the purpose & what people are hauling, it usually comes down to their personal preferences. Both standard bags and backpacks can be great options but backpacks are usually preferable due to following reasons:

  • Backpacks are very versatile & lightweight
  • They provide more flexibility
  • Great for carrying fragile items
  • Comparatively economical
  • Easy to handle and carry

What makes the perfect backpack for fat guys?

The best big and tall backpack is one that is properly sized, has a sturdy frame, and that can carry heavy loads. It should also have enough space inside so that your stuff doesn’t get crushed or damaged when you pack in too much. The ideal backpack must fit well around your body while providing maximum comfort. A good backpack should not cause any discomfort even after hours of use. 

For the perfect big and tall backpack, you should look for things like a properly sized frame, comfortability when carrying heavy loads, weight distribution for your back, balance between your shoulders or straps are not digging into your skin or causing too much pressure.

Reviewed: Big & Tall Backpacks

Finding a good quality backpack that can comfortably fit a tall & big person is definitely an overwhelming task. But I will kick off the reviews by simply looking at the great backpacks I personally found for travelling or everyday use. All the below-discussed backpacks are comfortable, large, & offer a lot of room inside in order to hold daily necessities & gear. And, most importantly, they are the premium-quality backpacks for big & tall guys.

So here we go with our list of top 10 Best Big and Tall Backpacks For Fat Guys! Let us know which one suits you the most by commenting below.

Reviewed: Big & Tall Backpacks

Oakley Backpack  

This is a superb backpack for everyday use with plenty of room for gym, work, school, hiking accessories.  It can easily accommodate a 17” laptop in the laptop compartment. Moreover, the bottom compartment is especially designed for wet storage i.e. swimwear, shoes, gym clothes etc. Likewise, the main compartment is huge enough for most notebooks, & textbooks. I must say if you are a tall & big guy, then an Oakley backpack is surely for you.

There is hardly any other backpack that outclass the safety and comfort provided by Oakley heavy-duty kitchen sink. Well, this is a little big for daily commuting however, if you are an on the go person who always leaves for work/school, hits the gym & needs to run some errands then, this bag is the one you should buy.

This is the backpack you need when you need to carry around an extra jacket, lunch, and all of your most valuable possessions. The bag features a padded side entry laptop pocket to fit most 17″ laptops, a front zip pocket with organization panel to separate smaller items, and a bottom shoe compartment for storage. The tear away top handle makes this bag easy to grab and go, even when an extra hand is needed. It also features an abrasion-resistant bottom panel for enhanced durability. 


  • Large capacity backpack
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to carry
  • Made of premium quality nylon & polyester


  • A bit expensive

EVERKI Atlas Backpack

In this age & day where a person can find nearly anything he/she wants, getting a durable and premium quality desired item is quite difficult. But no doubt, when it comes to EVERKI Atlas backpack, nothing can beat its build quality and configurations. The 1st thing you can easily notice is the quality of the fabric that is being used, not only does it feel durable but it can be said it is  very stylish along with the beautiful design print.

The laptop compartment is very really good and ensures that the laptop is snug & not moving around. The padding on EVERKI backpack makes it extremely comfortable to carry. The most noticeable thing is that the multiple adjustment straps, especially the ones high on the shoulders help keep the backpack tight against the back thus making carrying heavier items easier.


  • Travel friendly
  • Ergonomic design
  • High contrast lining
  • Highly functional
  • Easy to carry


  • Study but a little heavy backpack

WintMing Backpack 

This backpack exceeded all the expectations, handled a huge load without even damaging anything & continues to perform perfectly well. In fact, the most spacious backpack hiking avid can ever have with as many storage compartments as needed. The main compartment of this backpack features a waterproof rip top line that does a great job of keeping the items dry.

Moreover, there are numerous pockets & straps around the backpack that are quite handy for carrying useful accessories. I would like to say that the WintMing backpack is highly recommended for big & tall guys as it helps with balance while fitting around the waist flawlessly. The only concern is related to shoulder straps that are too narrow. But overall for the price, it is well worth it.


  • Waterproof fabric
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • 70L large capacity backpack
  • Smooth zipper
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Shoulder straps keep slipping off

Asenlin 40L Backpack

I would like to share that this amazing product is more of a comfortable and soft sided suitcase with great shoulder straps especially for a person with lower back problems than it is a backpack. The 3 important things that always make the Asenlin backpack standout from others are a roomy compartment dedicated to laptop, exterior pocket, & shoulder straps. In short, this actually is a hybrid.

In fact, this backpack is exactly what everyone travelling lover wanted. The extra zippered bags are awesome that come with this backpack as they certainly helped keep everything organized & tightly fit. The Asenlin 40L backpack is considered as a perfect combination of overnight & laptop bag. On the other hand, the only problem with this backpack is related to its weight distribution.


  • Has in-built elastic bands
  • Water-resistant
  • FAA flight approved
  • Versatile backpack
  • Give the best value for money


  • Not TSA friendly

Osprey Rook Backpack

While this is a durable and heavy backpack at around 3.3 Ibs, it is quite rugged & made to last. Its buckles are made amazingly well & tall & big guys will not have to worry about them. As with different products of Osprey, this backpack is also quality built & has a great warranty. Here, I would like to share that this Rook 65 backpack is an entry level backpack as it lacks a few of the features that users will find in Osprey’s more costly models; however that does not indicate that this is not a worthy backpack.

In fact, it has enough features according to the needs of big guys. Furthermore, it is super functional and lightweight. Side pockets are very flexible and can easily be used for numerous different things. There truly are not various hiking backpacks for big & tall guys to compete with it.


  • Highly ventilated & comfortable
  • Integrated removable raincover
  • Very lightweight
  • Rugged construction
  • Straightforward feature set


  • A little heavy

QINOL Travel Laptop

This product came to me at a very good time and I’m very happy that I got it. I had my laptop and other items stolen out of my bag and I decided to get a backpack that was anti-theft and I found this one. The backpack has a USB charging port, is waterproof and has a lot of space to keep my laptop and other items in. The backpack is also very affordable and it is a really great deal.

 It works. It has a lot of space for my binder. The charging system works great. I have to plug my phone into my power bank on the outside of my bag so I don’t have to look for a place to put it. The power bank I have is 30000 amh. The phone is charged about 15 times. It is possible to charge a backpack and powerbank at the same time. The backpack is very comfortable to wear. This is a great purchase for 20 bucks. It feels like it’s worth something more.

YOREPEK Backpack for Men

I was amazed by how much this bag can hold and how organized everything stayed even after packing. I was going to write a review at first but my husband said to hold off on it until after the trip. As luck would have it, the backpack held up really well during travel and is now definitely my favorite, also one of the most comfortable models I’ve ever used.

Zippers worked fine, the computer section was padded, the wide padded straps felt terrific, and the handle on top was easy for me to hold. Would recommend this backpack for anyone needing to carry heavy items. It made it much easier to be able to have my suitcase on my back instead of on my shoulder or dragging behind me.

Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack

Whether you’re on a budget or on a tight schedule, the Pack-It Original Collection from Amazon basics is a great option for travelers on a budget. No matter how many flights you have to catch, the Pack-It Original Collection will keep your belongings organized and ready to go. The Original Pack-It Folder is a lightweight, ultra-flexible, and collapsible travel bag that easily folds into a flat disk to stow in your luggage for future use.

It also has a handy zipper to secure the bag from unwanted contents from falling out, as well as a removable and adjustable shoulder strap and a front pocket for quick and easy access. With its roomy size and durable, lightweight construction, this pack is a great option for budget-conscious travelers who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

LIWAG extra large

I love all of the extra space this backpack provides. I was able to store a good amount of items I use for work such as a change of uniform just in case I get drenched from a pipe repair and my snacks that I have for the day. Though there is a lot of space, you can really fill up your backpack with things you really need! So recently I packed this bag full so as to go as light as possible as we went to Mexico. The swap meets over there require a lot of carrying so having extra capacity makes life so much easier during those times.

Himawari Travel Backpack for big girls or ladies

Comfortable, Adjustable, and Padded. The Himawari backpack is the perfect backpack for high big girls. This 17.7″ backpack is packed with all the features you need to be your most efficient self. Its adjustable padded straps will allow you to fit the backpack to the appropriate length for maximum comfort. The Himawari backpack is very spacious, accommodating books, binders, and other supplies.

There are also two water bottle pockets on both sides of the backpack. This versatile backpack can be used for other daily needs, such as work, school, camping, and travel. The main compartment has a laptop sleeve to fit up to a 15″ laptop. The other pockets are perfect for storing your cell phone, pens, pencils, chargers, and other school supplies.

Buying Guide: Big & Tall Backpacks

I know that it can be difficult to find the best backpack that ticks all the correct boxes. I truly believe it should be easy to organize, comfortable, & durable also. So, whether prospective buyers are looking for an economical backpack for hiking or the finest backpack for their business travels, this buying guide is exactly what they need.

How to Select the Best Big & Tall Backpack?

It is worth remembering that selecting the right backpack is not as easy as selecting a suitcase. Style and brand name does not matter a lot when it comes to functionality and comfort. Apart from this, it is advised to consider the following factors as well.


During the process of buying, one of the most important things that has to be considered is the capacity. Carrying a backpack that is bigger than required means carrying unwanted excess weight. But on the other hand, if the backpack is very small, people will have to struggle a lot while fitting everything they need.


Big & tall backpacks usually come with both weight and volume limits. So, buyers only have to get their true match. Normally, 34-litre or 40-pounds capacity is a great starting point for a 1 day trip.


Some people sweat a lot therefore, it is recommended to select a backpack that offers good ventilation technology. Well, nowadays many backpacks feature the mesh back panel in order to let more air to pass & that’s amazing.


The shoulder & waist straps, back panel, carry handles, & padding are few of the major aspects affecting much needed comfort. Some best backpacks allow people to modify the suspension system to their torso height.

Torso Length

Prospective buyers should remember that the selected backpack will only fit them if it has the correct torso length. Moreover, if they are of short torso length then, the backpack will weigh them down, hence extremely uncomfortable.

Laptop Compartment

If you are planning to carry the laptop in the pack then, pick a one with a laptop sleeve as it will protect the laptop from damage.

How to Choose the Best Backpack if you are Tall & Big?

Remember this, it is not related to height but usually about the proportions & torso length. And, what is most important, a person might be tall however, that does not mean his torso is long. Well, sometimes it works in that way but exceptions are always there. Luckily, today many brands consider this factor & design their backpacks quite adjustable & in different sizes.


These are not necessarily the most comfortable or versatile for long hikes and treks. The following article will help you to determine if a big backpack is really necessary when going on your next hike. If you are a big guy, you will also need Cane with a chair to support you while hiking so don’t forget to bring it along.

The first thing I want to point out is that it’s important to understand what kind of pack you need before purchasing one. There are two types of packs; daypacks and trekking/hiking packs.

Expedition Backpacks

For longer hikes or trips where you will be spending more time in camp and need something with extra capacity, consider an expedition backpack. Expedition backpacks are designed specifically for hiking long distances on trails. They have large compartments for organizing gear as well as features like hip belts and waist straps so they can fit comfortably over clothing. Some even come equipped with hydration systems.

How to measure Your Torso Length?

The measurement of your torso length will be taken from the base of your neck to the top of your hip bone. This is the length that you want to use to compare to the lengths of backpacks on this page.

Big and tall backpacks are designed with larger frames, more storage space, and longer torsos in mind. They are made for people who need extra space for their bodies and gear. If you’re looking for a big and tall backpack, check out some styles above!

What’s most important when it comes to finding the right backpack for big guys?

We’ve found backpacks that are designed with extra-roomy pockets to accommodate all the gear you need to take with you, heavy duty stitching for extended wear, and padded back panels to ensure ultimate comfort.

Choosing the right backpack for big guys is never an easy task. You have to consider all of your needs before making a purchasing decision.

Fortunately, there are many brands that cater specifically to your needs. Some brands use extra-roomy pockets, heavy duty stitching for extended wear and padded back panels which ensures ultimate comfort.

What are the Different Types of Backpacks?

Some common types of the backpacks are:

  • Everyday backpacks
  • Rucksack
  • Anti-theft bags
  • Laptop backpacks
  • Duffel backpacks
  • Tote backpacks
  • Drawstring backpacks
  • Biking backpacks (find best bikes for big guys here)
  • Trekking/hiking backpacks
  • Travel backpacks
  • TSA friendlycabackpacks

Final Thoughts

Overall, it can be said that getting the right backpack on your back will make a huge difference between a fun time in outdoor settings & a great deal of frustration. However, selecting the right big & tall backpack can be quite tough. The buyer’s personal needs will definitely vary depending upon the climate and environment where he/she spends time along with body type and packing habits.

Moreover, and while everyone can generally agree, having a backpack that can perform well on outdoor excursions is way more important. Hopefully, this article has become successful in providing valuable insights as prospective buyers search through the market.

Here, I would like to share an important tip, before purchasing a backpack, it is good to measure the torso. Once buyers have measured & matched their torso length, they will be in a better position to find the best big & tall backpacks according to their personal preferences.