Best shower chair for large person

Introduction: What is a Shower Chair and How Does it Prevent Injuries?

A shower chair is a chair with wheels that is used in the shower to help people who are having difficulties standing or sitting for long periods of time.

A lot of older adults and Fat individuals experience difficulties in the bathroom. One of the most common problems they face is difficulty in getting up from sitting position on a toilet seat. Health care professionals recommend use of a shower chair for these individuals to help keep them safe, healthy, and independent.

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The shower chair can be easily maneuvered around the bathtub or shower stall without any effort. It has wheels that you simply roll it over when you need to be seated again on the commode, and vice versa when you need to stand up

The best and heavy-duty shower chair will definitely help a large person with strength, mobility, & coordination challenges. However, with various options available, how do prospective buyers select the high-quality shower chair? Well, it might be hard to cut through the jargon & get the right product according to your needs. But do not worry this guide will share the worth reading information concerning the different types of top-rated shower chairs currently available in the marketplace that can serve the purpose for large persons.

Style or Functionality, what is your preference concerning the Best Shower Chair?

There are several good quality shower chairs out there & picking the right one can be difficult. Well, the recommended practice is to start by asking yourself what you actually want from the shower chair. Are you having any medical or mobility issues & already have adaptations and aids such as bath bench, bath sea or shower bench, in the washroom? If yes, then a shower chair with the medical features will surely blend in perfectly while offering you the features that design-led shower chairs might struggle to match, for example, you cannot get a teak bench along with adjustable legs.

Do Shower Chairs for Large People come with a Weight Limit?

Absolutely yes, shower chairs come with a maximum weight capacity which should be considered due to safety reasons. It is important to mention that the maximum weight capacity of any shower chair can vary depending on the model and built quality, therefore, check the limit before making a buying decision. If the weight of a large person or heavy person exceeds the maximum weight capacity of standard shower seats, then, he/she should consider getting a bariatric shower chair. Because this type of shower chair is especially designed for large bodies with a higher weight limit.

What About a Shower Chair with Padded Seat?

A large person can truly know the advantages of the padded seat, comfort being the primary reason. Just think about all the materials your shower chair is made up of, aluminium, wood, plastic, etc. Do all these materials sound particularly safe & comfortable? Obviously not, so if a large person selects a shower chair with a padded seat, he/she will get utmost comfort. Apart from this, the best shower chair with a padded seat allows water to drain out fast.

How High Should a Shower Chair be?

How High Should a Shower Chair be?

Well, the proper height for the shower chair always balances safety and comfort. Ideally, the feet should remain flat on the floor & keens level with the waist. Moreover, for the transfer bench, please be sure that you can clear the tub wall easily while scooting into a shower. A shower chair that allows a person to adjust the height is highly recommended. 

Expert Tip:

For added convenience, a large person should opt for a shower chair with a back support, hygiene cut-outs, armrests, & some additional features. 

Reviewed Products:

Medline Shower Chair

Well, this heavy-duty shower chair is what I desperately needed due to some knee and lower back issues. Ordered this shower chair & it was delivered ahead of estimated time. The most noticeable feature is that it was extremely easy to assemble with the help of provided simple instructions & no specialized knowledge or tools were required. As compared to standard shower chair, the backrest of this chair is helpful for all those who are suffering from balance issues.

Furthermore, this shower chair is quite sturdy, fits perfectly inside my standard bathtub, & the suction/sturdiness gives the assurance I usually need while bathing and sitting. Adjusting the chair height was easy as well & necessary to allow for the lesser bend in back and knees while getting in & out of the chair. But please note that if the intended use is for the bathtub, always make sure that the chair width will not exceed the tub width.


  • Safe & comfortable
  • Adjustable height
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Can bear excess weight 
  • Lightweight aluminium frame 


  • Seat is not wide enough 

Carex Shower Chair

This shower chair is very sturdy while being assembly friendly, quite simple and straightforward. It features an extremely functional design to ensure utmost safety for those with mobility issues. As compared to all other shower chairs, I have used earlier, this one is quite comfortable and stable. For me, this product is truly a lifesaver. It also has handles at the top and on the sides for maximum grippage.

The most appreciable feature is that it can easily hold a lot of weight. Well, the choice of adjusting the height would be great if there were some types of markers to know that the legs are balanced; however, that is a minor inconvenience. On the whole, the Carex shower chair is far better than other comparable shower chairs as it allows you to thoroughly wash in the shower without any kind of discomfort and pain. I would recommend putting down a soft microfiber cloth for utmost comfort.


  • Very sturdy
  • Great design & well-made
  • Very wide & comfortable
  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • Tool-free assembly 


  • Somehow, the chair is slippery

Vaunn Shower Chair

This shower chair is very satisfactory for its intended use while being lightweight and easy to clean. The product is a bit wider than one can expect it to be but it is comfortable and stable. It is better to follow the instructions carefully during assembly & it will definitely go smoothly. The fact that it can easily hold 300 Ibs plays an important role in selecting this shower chair. Most shower chairs hold a maximum of 250-260 Ibs.

Moreover, the stature and dimensions of the Vaunn shower chair allow in-tub sitting without any fear of slipping and falling out backwards. It is vital to share that the curve of the chair sometimes might feel like you are going to fall off in case you are not sitting on the chair properly; however, the handles on the back and sides give reassurance that it won’t happen. Overall, it is worth buying safety aid for a large person in the shower or tub.


  • Anti-bacterial materials
  • Offer a comfortable experience
  • Secure and durable
  • Aluminium frame is sturdy and lightweight
  • Very versatile & easy to use


  • The armrests are not contoured

Dr. Maya Shower Chair

This is also a great shower chair with innovative design that is commonly used in bathtubs. No doubt, it is a perfect solution for large persons who wish to feel safe and comfortable while bathing.  They can use the chair with more ease due to its adjustable nature. In fact, they can never imagine that a nondescript piece of aluminum and plastic could bring them this much comfort and joy.

Furthermore, the materials are of great quality, tool-free assembly with clear instructions. The Dr. Maya shower chair & shower handle are made of premium quality materials & thoughtfully designed for daily use by everyone who needs a bit more support and help in the shower. However, the free handle bar does not work properly, it loses its suction. So, if you are planning to get this shower chair then, it is better to buy the handle bar separately.


  • Adjustable height
  • Effortless assembly
  • Lightweight yet strong and durable
  • Provide safety and comfort
  • Very stable


  • Expensive shower chair 
  • Need maintenance

NOVA Shower Chair

When a large person needs a shower chair that is safe, stable, strong, and comfortable during bathing then, no doubt this product checks the boxes. The snap-together assembly is very easy and simple. The rubber feet give additional assurance to disabled individuals against slippage. The cut-out area in the chair is quite helpful, stability is great but can still tip over if you drop into the shower chair with force.

It is advised to measure the tub width before ordering this chair. Well, the NOVA shower chair could stand to be a little heavier and thicker but on the whole, it is really solid, the back and arms provide a good amount of extra stability and comfort. The best thing is that, padded arms help getting on & off the seat, the back gives comfortable support & the hygienic design helps in cleaning, making it a great option for large persons.


  • Come with comfort features 
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has built-in drainage holes 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Well-packaged 


  • Can’t support a lot of weight

Shower Chairs For Heavy People Guidelines

Shower Chairs For Heavy People Guidelines

Buying the best shower chair for heavy people doesn’t just mean a shower chair or stool. We break an inferior chair due to being over the weight limit or poor design. This can lead to a bad fall. If no one is home, I don’t like taking a fall in the shower. Take care about the following things:

There is a weight limit for the shower chair.

The weight limit of a shower chair should be rated high for a larger person. It can be very dangerous in the shower because of wet and slippery surfaces. The best thing to do is avoid a chair that doesn’t state the weight capacity or has a weight limit stated.

The shower chair or bench must be heavy for it to make it’s way to my bathroom. The capacity to hold up to 500 pounds is still achieved if the frame is rust- resistant. It’s important that the chair is wide enough to fit a man of that size. If that isn’t possible, a heavy-duty armless shower chair is the next best option.

The seat is oversized.

The seat size is one of the factors to consider. It needs to be a large shower seat to comfortably fit the backside. Some people forget about a high weight capacity rating. 


Types of Shower Chairs for heavy people to Consider in the Market

With the help of a shower chair, it is possible to save on water consumption and time spent in the bathtub.

There are many different types of shower chairs to consider in the market. Some of these include:

– Mobile Shower Chairs: These are usually lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another. Due to their portability, these chairs can be used at any location where there is a water source. They come with a foldable tray that can be used for items like soap, shampoo and other personal care items like toothbrush and toothpaste. It also has a small shelf that can be used for storing personal belongings such as wallets, watches and cellphones.

– Fixed Shower Chairs: These chairs are installed permanently at one spot which means they provide more stability than portable shower chairs.

– Armless Shower Chair: An armless shower chair provides maximum comfort by providing ample space between your legs and the edge of the seat. You will not feel cramped while sitting down.

– Portable Shower Chairs: A portable shower chair comes with wheels so you can move them around without much effort. There are some models available that have handles attached to them so you can carry them wherever you want.

– Bathroom Stools: While most showers offer a fixed height, stools allow users to sit higher when using the toilet. Most stools are made out of plastic but some are made out of wood.

Things to keep in mind while making a shower place for fat people:

– Handicap Accessible Showers: When purchasing a handicapped accessible shower, ensure that the door opens fully and closes completely. Also check whether the handle is easy to use.

– Adjustable Height Showers: With adjustable heights, you get the flexibility to choose how tall you would prefer to sit.

– Waterproof Showers: To prevent leaks , waterproof shower seats need to be purchased. This type of shower chair is ideal for those who live in areas prone to flooding.

– Non Slip Matting: For safety reasons, non slip matting is recommended for anyone who suffers from arthritis or joint pain.

– Anti-Slip Mats: In case you fall off the stool during an accident, anti-slip mats reduce chances of slipping and falling.

– Reclining Seat: Many recliners feature a comfortable cushioning system that allows you to relax after a long day.

– Swivel Headrests: Swiveling headrests enable you to adjust the angle of your neck depending upon what position you find yourself in.

– Ergonomic Design: Ergonomics refers to designing products that take into account human body mechanics. By doing this, we avoid injuries caused due to prolonged usage of certain products.

– Easy Cleaning: Easily cleanable materials are preferred because cleaning becomes easier.