Purge Costumes For Kids

A mask is an item designed to be worn on the face, generally for privacy, disguise, performance, or enjoyment. Costumes have been used since ancient days for many purposes i.e. for performing arts and shows. If there’s a night in the year when you believe that you can get away with doing whatever you want without any penalties, it is indeed Halloween.

It’s an ideal time for people to start coming up with some great ideas for the ideal Halloween costume, and here we are to ensure that your costume is both scary and social media-worthy. For the past couple of years, Halloween-goers have used the Purge brand as a model for their costumes.

Few purge costumes have been listed below that will help you in the selection of an ideal costume for your kids that can be used on different occasions.

What clothes to wear with a purge mask?

If you’re looking for the best purge costume for kids, you’ve come to the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what you should wear with your mask and how to make your costume as realistic as possible. It’s not easy to make an effective costume from scratch, so we’ll help you with that as well. The Purge is a series of movies that take place in a dystopian United States.

During the Purge, all crime is legal for a 12-hour period, and the rich can purge as much as they want. The poor, of course, are at the mercy of the rich. The Purge: Anarchy takes place a few years after the first movie, and Purge: Election Year takes place in 2040. The third movie in the series is on the horizon, but we’ll get to that later. Let us get to the best costumes right away

Best Purge Costumes For Kids

1. Double Color Led – Halloween Led Mask

Purge Costumes For Kids 1Purge Costumes For Kids 2

Product Description:

This mask is consisting of El cold light with no harmful UV damage. There is no side effects of this led mask on the human body. You can connect the power cord with your pocket or to your pants. Masks can be used at any event, like weddings, dance parties, discos, bars, birthday parties, festivals, etc.

There are four modes of power 

1. Stable light 

2. Slow flash 

3. Fast flash 

4. Off.

This mask is manufactured with top quality PVC. There’s a small strip of soft foam layered for the forehead. This is a double color, Halloween led face mask.


  • Absolutely worth the price
  • Excellent quality
  • Mask is really thin easy to carry
  • Lights work great on all settings
  • Look great
  • Nice colors comfortable to use
  • Perfect for Halloween
  • Perfect for greeting trick


  • Thin plastic
  • Lines across the eyes make it challenging to view

2. WesGen Halloween Purge

Purge Costumes For Kids 3Purge Costumes For Kids 4

Product Description:

The packaging of the mask contains a pair of Led skeleton hand gloves including 8 * CR2032 batteries in the package. It is a Cosplay Led costume mask with a Switch / Battery pack. It’s one size fits most. These gloves are suitable for all ages. These gloves 8.26″x3.93″ can fit in almost every hand but not recommended for larger hands as they will be very tight. However, it is suitable for kids and these gloves are easily available in different sizes.

This mask needs 2 * AA batteries (the battery is not included in the package) to work and will last longer than 48 hours. Connect the power pack with your pocket or to your clothing. The pair of gloves require 4 * CR2032 batteries to operate. 

The mask has three modes

 1. steady glow           

2. Slow flash             

3. Rapid flash. 

There are 6 control modes: all color blinking, all colors slowly spinning, all colors steady, red-yellow flickering, blue-white blinking, and green flickering.

Scary Mask and LED Skeleton Gloves can be used on any occasion such as Carnival, Group, Rave Nights, Discos, Clubs, Birthdays, Masquerades, Halloween.


  • Unique fashion mask
  • Foam glued inside make it much more comfortable to wear
  • Full of your face will be covered
  • Two holes under the nose make breathing easy 
  • No UV harm
  • Easy to use


  • The quality of the mask should be improved.

3. Halloween LED Wire Scary Light Up Glowing Mask

Purge Costumes For Kids 5Purge Costumes For Kids 6

Product Description:

The mask is operated by a 2AA battery and is equipped with an El cable. You can put the power controller in your pocket; even you can hide in the dark and light the wire-like a god of death or a demon, and it is quite creeping and fun. It is great choice for Halloween, children’s gift or street party. Ergonomic design provides a decent range of view, easy breathing, and relaxed product. There are two sponges attached to the back of the mask to cover the skin to make it more secure.

Appropriate for all ages with an elastic band, these Halloween masks are suitable for men, women, and kids. There is no need to think about the size because of the availability of different sizes. These masks are highly durable and strong and they are extraordinary in strength and quite elastic. These are compact and difficult to break.


  • Safe masks
  • No harmful ultraviolet rays, 
  • No adverse effect on the human body
  • Removable and durable battery
  • Easy to use
  • Worth the price


  • Neon lights obscure central vision in dim light

4. LEEHUR Halloween LED Mask

Purge Costumes For Kids 7Purge Costumes For Kids 8

Product Description:

This charming mask is a PVC mask consists of several neon flare. It will make you unique among others. No matter where you are, you’ll get a lot of attention from people. This is a PVC mask with various neon flare. This is safe to use Halloween led mask, manufactured from durable PVC and EL cold light wire.

This mask has no UV damage with any harmful effects on the human body. It is an absolutely safe and non-toxic product. It is multiple modes mask. Halloween led mask purge may be used on any event i.e. as Halloween, Dance, Rave Parties, Discos, Clubs, Birthdays, Mardi Gras, Carnivals, Festivals and Activities. 

It has three modes of illumination: 1. Steady Light 2. Slow Flash 3. Rapid Flash. It enables you to stand out from the crowd and make your Halloween party more amazing.


  • Lighter in weight
  • Very comfortable, 
  • Good quality product
  • Affordable 
  • Led lights make it more attractive
  • Easy to use


  • Wire is very delicate

5. Halloween LED Light Up Party Masks

Purge Costumes For Kids 9Purge Costumes For Kids 10

Product Description:

This mask is made of sturdy PVC, with no UV damage. This mask does not cause any adverse side effects on the human body. Its size is approximately 19 x 17 x 8cm/7.48 “x 7” x 3.14. Illuminated EL wire is threaded into a mask. There is some foam fixed to the bottom and make it more convenient to wear. This mask functional control includes 4 modes: Steady Light, Slow Flash, Fast Flash, off. 

The light of the mask is soft, clear, and does not cause the eyes stiffness and exhausted. You can clip the power pack with your jacket or to your pants. You can use 2 x AA batteries for this mask.


  • Easy to use
  • No UV adverse effects on the human body
  • It can be bent easily
  • Do not heat up
  • Eyes friendly
  • Great shock resistance.
  • Long-life battery


  • Make noise when lit

How do you make a purge costume?

In the below video you can have a detailed guide on how to make The Purge Costume for kids all you need is old clothes, some neon wires and some technical knowledge; but if you don’t want to do this you can also buy from the above list these are the most affordable purge costumes for kids.

What do you need for purge costume?

Purge Costume For Kids

Propose costume you need any kind of fake weapon or fake blood, then you need to have any kind of scary costume, if you want to make things easier for you you can buy from the list above we have chosen one of the best purge costumes for you.

What is the purge mask called?

The term “Purgemask” is used to describe a full face covering made of a thin rubbery material that is used to conceal the identity of the wearer. This mask is usually used in the movie The Purge which is a movie that takes place in a dystopian future where all crime is legalized for one day, the purge night. The purger is a man who roams the streets on purge night to kill anyone he may come across. The purger is usually portrayed as a psychopath or a sociopath.
The purge is a very popular horror movie series that has been around for four years with many different sequels and movie spin-offs. The mask is usually worn by people who want to take part in the purge and who want to commit crimes without being identified. The purge mask can be purchased at many different online stores, or you can make your own.

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