Best PS4 Controller Chargers

PlayStation comes under the category of the ultimate and best gaming system however, it can be frustrating if the controller is not charged. A PS4 controller charger is important as it will allow people to charge their snowmobile and cruiser. With the help of dependable PS4 controller chargers or charging dock, people can charge the unit fully in no time.

It is vital to mention that the PS4 controller charger invention took the PS4 charging system to another level therefore, improving the PS4 gaming experience. However, for getting a smooth gaming experience, people have to ensure that all the required accessories of PS4 are available. Sometimes, this gaming experience can be badly affected due to the charging mechanism that is not up to the mark.

Best PS4 Controller Chargers

Reviewed: The Best PS4 Controller Charger

Nowadays, the controller chargers are available in a wide range of options thus, making the whole process of buying the right one tough especially for beginners. This article will surely help them to make a wise choice after considering the useful information regarding the top 5 PS4 controller chargers.

1. BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charger

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This controller charger is surely the best & pocket-friendly accessory that gives PS4 lovers a great value for money. It offers secure storage & fast charge to 2 PS4 controllers at once thus, saving a lot of time. Moreover, it has LED charging displays as well to show the progress. In order to overcome the issues of slow charging, PS4 users should consider buying the BEBONCOOL controller charger.

charging indicator

This product is also compatible with double shock 4 PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 slim controllers. In short, when it comes to selecting the high-quality accessories within the budget then, I must say that BEBONCOOL PS4 controller charger is both affordable and easy to use. Overall, it is a great compact controller charger for PS4 that is not just functional but will also save much space while preventing clutter.


  • Compact and sleek
  • Built-in protector chip
  • Dual PS4 controller charger
  • Gives fast charging
  • Affordable


  • The LED indicator sometimes remain green despite a fact that the controller charger is completely charged

2. Y Team PS4 Controller Charger

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This worth buying dual PS4 controller charger gives a quick and easy way of charging and storing the PS4 Pro, PS4, & PS4 slim controller. Thus, making it a perfect option for saving the place in order to store the PS4 wireless controllers in a charger when not in use.

With 2 in-built micro USB device ports, it allows players to safely store & charge two PS4 controllers at the same time. Moreover, triple protection is used to make this PS4 controller charger more secure namely, short-circuit protection, overcharging, and overvoltage.

If players leave this PS4 controller on charging overnight, it can keep the charging mode on standby in order to protect the device from overheating or any other damage.  It can be said, the Y Team PS4 controller charger is definitely the best and compact device currently available.


  • Unique design
  • In-built protector chip
  • LED indicators
  • Dual charging port
  • Sleek & compact
  • Fast yet safe charge
  • Amazing chip design


  • It can be difficult to set the controllers into the charger

3. PowerA DualShock Charging Station for PlayStation 4

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Another best and highly recommended controller charger designed by PowerA. This PS4 controller charger is extremely famous among PS4 avid due to its features and incredible performance. Players can easily charge 3 DualShock four controllers at once. Apart from this, it is also compatible with PS4 system & DualShock 4 controllers.

The PowerA controller charger is built with a snap-down technology whereby players only have to set a PS4 controller on one side while clicking down to start charging. When it is completely charged, just click for releasing contact. Afterwards players can put this controller on the PS4. It can completely charge the controller within 1.3 hours.  In order to show the charging status, it indicates an orange light.


  • Offer great support
  • Charges the controller fast
  • Easy to use
  • Officially licensed by Sony
  • Compact design
  • Charge 2 controllers simultaneously


  • Low-quality plastic construction

4. YCCSKY PS4 Controller Charger

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While finding the best PS4 controller charger, PS4 lovers should consider the latest version of the PS4 controller offered by YCCSKY.  I would like to mention that this brand-new version of the PS4 controller charger is also famous as PlayStation pro charger and dual shock 4 controllers, and PS4 slim control. With the help of this device, players can keep the controller completely charged.

Within 2.5 hours, it can charge the 2 controllers simultaneously by using a fast wireless charging. In other words, its charging mechanism is highly effective and quick. It also features a space-saving design to allow players to set up easily. The charging status can also be monitored with the help of LED indicator light.

Compatible with all types of PS4


  • Quick and effective
  • Work perfectly with different PS4 controllers
  • Gives strong protection against overheating, short circuits, and overcharging
  • Give the best value for money
  • LED indicator light


  • Does not come with USB adapter

5. AmazonBasics PS4 Controller Charger

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The best thing about this PS4 controller charger is its broad compatibility. It can easily charge PS4 slim, PS4 pro, and PS4. The space-design of the controller charger will help to store controllers conveniently when not in use.

All those who are looking for a space-saving solution in order to store the PS4 controllers should go for AmazonBasics. Moreover, due to its compact footprint and sleek profile, it gives a neat and eye-catching appearance.


  • Anti-skid rubber feet to ensure secure placement
  • LED indicator lights
  • Space-saving compact design
  • Capable of charging two controllers simultaneously

FAQs: Answered the Best PS4 Controller Charger

Apart from reading the detailed reviews of different PS4 controller chargers, it is also important to consider some other factors including the following,

How to Pick the Best PS4 Controller Charger?

Searching for the top-quality PS4 controller charger can take a lot of considerations than prospective buyers might think. It can even be tougher due to the availability of numerous products. Well, do not fret because this article has shared all the relevant information. Just consider the following factors and you are good to go.

1. Reliability and Safety

It is advised to consider the specifications of the desired PS4 controller charger before buying it. The best way is to read reviews on different websites along with the manufacturer’s details. 

2. Easy to Use

The most important factor that buyers should be kept in mind before making a final decision because some controllers seem complex when it comes to functionality.

3. USB Ports

Few PS4 controller chargers have 1 micro USB port. It is better to consider a PS4 controller charger with dual USB ports in order to charge 2 controllers at once.

4. LED Indicator Lights

An extremely important feature in order to track the charging status of the PS4 controller device.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it can be concluded that in order to immerse in a never-ending gaming experience with a PS4 controller, people can buy any of the above-discussed PS4 controller chargers. Because, all of them give powerful and required charging out while being reliable and safe to use.

By the way what kind of games do you like on PS4? My fav could be some dancing games and far cry which is my all time fav.