Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big

Before moving ahead, I would like to share that the best heel grip is also called an insole or insert of any shoe which is specially designed for providing protection, comfort, support & convenience to feet. The majority of the shoes that are currently available in the marketplace always come with the particular heel grips but unfortunately, usually they are less durable and ineffective.

Hence, it is important to purchase an extra heel grip for the shoes. One cannot overlook the importance of having the best heel grip for shoes too big. Because it will improve the function & fit of the running shoes while some heel grips are capable of reducing foot pressure or fatigue along with plantar fasciitis strain in order to increase running efficiency.

Keeping this in view, this article is going to share the worth reading information regarding the heel grips for shoes too big to let readers select the best product. Let us see what are the best ones for large size shoes.

Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big

How do I keep my heel grips from slipping off?

The best and easiest way to hold the grip is to have a grip which comes with a sticky material on the back which keeps it on the place. There are the heel grips which have an extended part which comes under the heel to keep it in place and sturdy.

What to put in back of the shoes that are too big?

If you are reading this, you already know what to put on the back of the shoes when it’s too big, yes, you guessed it right, its the heel grip. which will make your feet stable in the shoes which are too big for you and also give you a comfortable experience overall. If you don’t put anything behind the shoes, it will not even look good but also they will feel very uncomfortable.

What to put in front of the shoes that are too big?

What to put in front of the shoes that are too big?

Ok now some times, it may happen that you don’t have the luxury for putting the shoe heel grips, for any reason, then you can use an other alternative which is the shoe stuffer. Show stuffer is basically something you put inside the shoes to make them adjust to you small size foot, you can see the photo on the side, there are shoe stuffers.

So let’s see the reviews on what we thought were the best grips for large shoes.

Reviewed: The Best Heel Grips for Shoes too Big 

Currently, the market is overloaded with a wide range of available options therefore, it is advised to consider few factors while purchasing the best heel grips. So, in order to make the whole process easier for readers, the article has reviewed the four best heel grips for shoes too big.

1. Hotop 6 Pairs Heel Cushion Pads Heel Shoe Grips

Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big 1Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big 2

The most noticeable behind why the majority of people hate wearing shoes is due to the excruciating discomfort or pain they experience particularly if they are going to wear them 24/7. However, with Hotop 6 pairs heel cushion shoes, there is no need to bear blistering pain while wearing shoes. Because this product is all about stability and comfort.

These heel grips are well-padded along with the soft sponge in order to reduce friction among the shoe and feet. Moreover, it is capable of enhancing the insole’s stickiness so that the feet will never slip out of the shoes while dancing and running.


  • Enhanced stickiness
  • Protective tools
  • Rational design
  • Easy to use
  • Wide application
  • Relieve heel pain
  • Offer great comfort

2. Ballotte Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts 

Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big 3Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big 4

It is another great and highly recommended product that will protect and support the heels from blisters, pain, and callus. It has a highly fashionable and cool wrapping design and made from a comfortable material. This product is currently available in four colors. In order to keep the heel grips in the proper place, it features a sticky backing.

Users only have to remove the adhesive backing while placing the heel grips on the inside of the shoes. Afterward, press firmly. The best thing is that the Ballotte reusable heel cushion inserts can easily be removed. And women can stick them to another shoe or pair again whenever needed. This product is perfect for different types of shoes such as boots, pumps, flats, and high heels.


  • No sliding and slipping in loose footwear
  • Reusable
  • Best insert cups liner to offer prevention against blisters
  • Strong and durable sticky design
  • A worth buying protection accessory especially for newly bought shoes.

3. Dr. Foot’s Heel Grips for Women and Men

Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big 5Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big 6

If you are among those who have finally given up on different types of footwear because of the pain and discomfort caused then, this product is surely for you. Dr. Foot’s heel grips are specially designed for preventing the discomfort and pain often caused by blisters, peeling, rubbing, & heel slipping. Moreover, the ergonomic and soft design can replicate the contour of heels while cushioning them in order to prevent further issues.

It is vital to mention that these heel grips are quite easy to use, stay in place & will never cause crowing in the shoes. Dr. Foot’s heel grips are available for women and men & fit different shoes perfectly such as leather shoes, work shoes, sneakers, dress shoes, running shoes, and boots.


  • Risk-free
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Made from top-quality materials
  • Fit different types of footwear

4. Pedag STOP Leather Heel Grip

Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big 7Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big 8

Another great and must-have product, the Pedag STOP leather grip is a self-adhesive and soft leather heel cushion that will fit perfectly in footwear that is a little loose when it comes to a comfortable fit. The wearers only have to mark the specific area of their shoes that requires extra padding & insert Pedag STOP.

Furthermore, the product is made of an extremely soft leather suede to ensure a comfortable feel that will not harm sensitive skin. Thus, this offers users extra padding whenever and whenever needed to prevent heel chafing and blisters. It is advised to adjust the desired positioning of this heel grip inside the footwear for the customized fit.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Fit different types of shoes easily
  • Adjustable padding to ensure luxurious fit

FAQs: Answered the Best Heel Grips for Shoes too big

This section is all about the important factors that should be kept in mind while buying the right product. Because heel grips pose a difficult choice with the best one rendering advantages whereas the wrong one causes more pain or discomfort.

How to Select the Best Heel Grips for Shoes Too big?

The following factors play an important role during the whole process of selection and buying.

  • Brand and its reputation
  • Multipurpose
  • Price range
  • Reviews related to the selected product
  • Material used
  • Durability
  • versatility

How to take Care of Heel Grips?

Usually, the heel grips will last around 11-12 months after being used daily. This can be extended bit longer after considering the following tips:

  • It is advised to remove heel grips daily to let moisture trapped among shoes and insole to dry out properly
  • People can even wash the heel grips by using a mild detergent
  • Occasionally, remove & inspect heel grips for signs of corrosion & replace once needed

Final Thoughts

In the end, it can be concluded that there are different heel grips for shoes too big and therefore, selecting and purchasing the right one is quite tough. In order to make the whole process hassle-free, this article has reviewed the top heel grips currently available. No doubt, the above-discussed best heel grips for shoes too big are surely the recommended options if people are looking for the right one. Also if you are looking for shoes for Hip hop dance, check it out here.